Why was the Star Trek episode The empath banned?

Why was the Star Trek episode The empath banned?

For many years, the episodes “Miri,” “Plato’s Stepchildren,” “The Empath,” and “Whom Gods Destroy” were banned in the UK. Star Trek was considered a children’s program and these episodes were deemed too intense for minors.

Who played the empath on Star Trek The Original Series?

Kathryn Hays
Kathryn Hays (born 26 July 1933; age 88), birth name Kay Piper, portrayed Gem in Star Trek: The Original Series third season episode “The Empath” and appeared in many films and TV shows, including The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Bonanza, The Virginian, Night Gallery (“She’ll Be Company for You”, with Leonard Nimoy and …

Why was the Star Trek episode Miri banned in the UK?

2. “Plato’s Stepchildren” “Plato’s Stepchildren” was lumped in with “Miri,” being banned by the BBC for the “violent” content.

Who wrote Star Trek empath?

Joyce Muskat
The Empath

“The Empath”
Star Trek: The Original Series episode
Episode no. Season 3 Episode 12
Directed by John Erman
Written by Joyce Muskat

Why did Spock limp in the cage?

As to why Spock was limping; Trivia: In case you were wondering why Spock is limping in the scenes on Talos IV, the original script for “The Cage” indicated that he’d been injured on Rigel VII, in the fight that Pike briefly discusses with Dr. Boyce.

Who played Miri in Star Trek: The Original Series?

Kim Darby
Kim Darby (born 8 July 1947; age 74) is the actress who played Miri in the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episode “Miri” when she was in her late teens in 1966.

How old was Miri?

three hundred years old
Miri was a young woman from a planet originally almost identical to 1960s Earth. Like all survivors on her world, Miri was infected with the life prolongation project. When a landing party from the USS Enterprise encountered her in 2266, she was over three hundred years old.

Did Deanna Troi go to Starfleet Academy?

Although Deanna Troi has little exposure to Earth culture, she attended Starfleet Academy from 2355 to 2359, as well as the University of Betazed, and earned an advanced degree in psychology.

Does Leonard Nimoy have a limp?

Stark Trek creator Gene Roddenberry told him to limp, and so he did. The explanation, limited to Twitter-approved length, clarifies that it wasn’t an injury but fails to explain why Spock limped in the first place.

How long was Pike captain of the Enterprise?

Pike served as the Enterprise’s captain for 15 years, an unusually long run with one assignment for a Starfleet officer; it’s not hard to imagine why Starfleet promoted him to Fleet Captain, where he played a key role in training new cadets.