Can you swim in the Skeleton Coast Namibia?

Can you swim in the Skeleton Coast Namibia?

Treacherous coastline Sweeping up from Antarctic waters, the cold Benguela Current flows beside the coast, stoking strong currents and high-energy beaches. Not the best conditions for swimming. “You don’t want to swim out too far,” warns one local. “The current will take you 200 kilometers out.”

Can you swim in the Skeleton Coast?

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is certainly not for swimmers. The cold Benguela Current flows besides the coast and makes for strong waves and the current can take you well over 100 miles. However, it is a perfect destination for surfers who want to test these waters and swim among marine life.

Where is Skeleton beach?

The Skeleton Coast is the northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia and south of Angola from the Kunene River south to the Swakop River, although the name is sometimes used to describe the entire Namib Desert coast.

Why do they call it the Skeleton Coast?

It was their sun-bleached skeletons and the remains of their ships that gave the coastline its name of Skeleton Coast, especially when the frequent whale and seal bones found along the coast when the whaling industry was active were added in.

Why is Skeleton Coast a tourist attraction?

A Remote Tourist Destination As one of Africa’s great untouched wildernesses, it offers travelers the chance to experience nature in all its unspoiled grandeur. The coastline is divided into two sections — the southerly National West Coast Tourist Recreation Area and the northerly Skeleton Coast National Park.

Why is the Skeleton Coast so dry?

The reason so many have met their fate on these shores is because of the region’s unusual climatic conditions. The warm, dry air of the Namib Desert colliding with the cold water of the Atlantic’s Benguela Current creates a dense fog over the sea.

Where are the shipwrecks on Skeleton Coast?

The wreck is in the far north of the Skelton Coast National Park and as such you will not be able to drive yourself there. Flying into the northern section of the park is the only realistic option if you want to explore this famous wreck. Skeleton Coast Safaris offer a variety of aerial tours of the region.

Is the Skeleton Coast safe?

Skeleton Coast National Park is one of the most inhospitable places within the oldest desert on earth in Namibia. The eerie coastline has long been considered a dangerous area for naval vessels due to the persistent foggy weather and unpredictable Benguela current.

Can a desert touch the ocean?

Synopsis. The coastal desert of Namibia is located along Africa’s Atlantic coast towards the south-west. The high sand dunes of Namib Desert and the point where the desert meets the sea are the key attractions of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Can you drive to Skeleton Coast?

TIPS FOR DRIVING THE SKELETON COAST IN NAMIBIA The drive can be made in any type of car, although a high clearance vehicle or 4×4 is helpful if you want to explore some of the side tracks.

How far is Skeleton Coast from Walvis Bay?

458 km
The distance between Skeleton Coast National Park and Walvis Bay is 458 km.