Why was Kevin Youkilis traded?

Why was Kevin Youkilis traded?

This is precisely why Boston traded him: fear that he wouldn’t be available to trade later on, thanks to his status as a health risk. This is also why the Red Sox weren’t able to get the kind of package many felt Youkilis was still worth.

What happened to Kevin Youkilis?

Former Major League Baseball All-Star Kevin Youkilis has officially retired after 10 seasons that included two World Series titles with the Boston Red Sox in 2004 and 2007. One of baseball’s best hitters in his prime, Youkilis’ career fell off a cliff in a hurry due to injuries. He hit . 258/.

Is Kevin Youkilis married?

Julie Bradym. 2012
Enza Sambatarom. 2008–2010
Kevin Youkilis/Spouse

How old is Kevin Youkilis?

43 years (March 15, 1979)Kevin Youkilis / Age

Where did Kevin Youkilis go to college?

Sycamore High School
University of Cincinnati
Kevin Youkilis/Education

Is Kevin Youkilis still married?

Former Red Sox star Kevin Youkilis is married to Julie Brady.

How did Julie Brady Meet Kevin Youkilis?

Kevin Youkilis and Julie Brady first met at a fundraiser organized by Julie’s younger sister, Nancy Brady. Yukilis’ friend comedian Mike O’Malley was the emcee of the program, and Youkilis was at the even to support him. The couple started dating in 2011. Kevin had just separated from his marriage with Sambataro then.

Is Kevin Youkilis still married to Tom Brady’s sister?

Former Red Sox star Kevin Youkilis is married to Julie Brady. Julie Brady, of course, is Tom Brady’s sister, essentially making her the most-respected woman in the state of Massachusetts.

Who is Maureen Bradys husband?

Maureen Brady: Quick Facts

Full Name Maureen Brady
Martial Status Single
Partner Brian Timmons (ex-husband)
Children Two Daughters, Maya and Hannah
Sport Softball

How are Tom Brady and Maya Brady related?

Yes, she is related to that Brady. Tom Brady is the younger brother of her mom, Maureen Brady, who also had a successful career as an All-American softball pitcher for Fresno State. But Maya Brady wins the award for most dominant athlete in the family, according to her uncle.

Who are Maya Brady’s parents?

Brady was born to Maureen Brady and Brian Timmons. Her mother was an All-American pitcher at Fresno State. She is the niece of former American football player Tom Brady and former Major League Baseball player Kevin Youkilis.