What is the purpose of patellar mobilization?

What is the purpose of patellar mobilization?

Your physical therapist will often mobilize the patella in different directions. The purpose is to help the quad to fire or to restore range of motion in the knee joint. Your quad can’t fire without a superior movement of the patella.

Which mobilization technique would be most beneficial to increase knee flexion?

Internal and external rotation glides are useful for gaining joint play for knee flexion and extension, respectively. These glides can be performed at various points in the normal ROM of the knee with the patient positioned in supine.

How is mobilization done?


  1. Secure strong leadership.
  2. Establish a formal structure.
  3. Engage diverse organizations, community leaders, and residents.
  4. Ensure authentic participation and shared decision making.
  5. ensure authentic and productive roles for young people.
  6. Develop a shared vision.
  7. Conduct a needs assessment.
  8. Create a strategic plan.

Is the patella concave or convex?

The patellar facets are convex in shape in order to accommodate the concave femoral surface with the lateral side wider to help maintain patellar position. The majority of the articulating surface of the patella is covered with a thick layer of articular cartilage, up to seven millimeters.

What is the importance of mobilization?

A lot can be achieved when people from different parts of the community share a common goal and actively participate in both identifying needs and being part of the solution. Community mobilization helps to empower communities and enable them to initiate and control their own development.

Why is joint mobilization important?

Joint mobilization can improve range of motion, reduce pain, and improve the mechanics of a joint to help with things such as lifting your arm, bending your spine, or walking. Who is it suited for? Any patient with joint stiffness or pain can benefit from joint mobilization.