Who won Manjimup 15000?

Who won Manjimup 15000?

Luke Clout
CDR Yamaha Monster Energy team rider, Luke Clout, has won the highly prestigious Manjimup 15000 motocross event in Western Australia, beating a top quality field, on one of Australia’s most challenging tracks.

Who won the 2021 Manjimup 15000?

Luke Clout has emerged as the 2021 Berry Sweet Manjimup 15,000 winner after putting on a dominant display in Western Australia.

What Manjimup 15000?

The Manjimup 15,000 has established itself as Australia’s richest and most prestigious outdoor motocross competition. It was way back 31 years ago that the first “15,000” was run at the Cosy Creek track, which has over the years played host not only to the “15,000” but also the MX des Nations and the World 125cc MX GP.

Why is it called Manjimup 15000?

The name Manjimup 15000 was derived from the original value of the prize money, which at the time, was the richest motocross event ever held in Australia.

What is Manjimup known for?

Manjimup is home to Australia’s first mainland truffles and a very successful exporter, now ranked as the largest producer of black Perigord truffles in the southern hemisphere.

What is the population of Manjimup?

Manjimup, Western Australia

Manjimup Western Australia
Population 4,349 (2016 census)
Established 1856
Postcode(s) 6258
Elevation 287 m (942 ft)

What do they grow in Manjimup?

You can pick up the freshest produce straight from the farm gate including apples, pears, cherries, nectarines, kiwi fruit, chestnuts, hazelnuts, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and corn.

What is close to Manjimup?

Top 6 Memorable Things To Do in Manjimup Western Australia

  • Manjimup Heritage Park.
  • Manjimup Town.
  • The King Jarrah Tree.
  • The Four Aces, One Tree Bridge & Glenoran Pool.
  • Fonty’s Pool.
  • Manjimup to Deanmill Heritage Trail.

What is manjimup known for?

Why is Manjimup called Manjimup?

Manjimup was named after the Noongar words “Manjin” (a broad-leafed edible reed) and “up” (meeting place, or place of). Manjimup was first settled by timber cutter Thomas Muir, who took up land near the present town site in 1856. It was declared a town in 1910, and a railway from Perth was completed in 1911.

What is there to do in Manjimup today?

Top things to do in Manjimup and surrounds

  • Take the family to the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park.
  • Check out the Four Aces.
  • Take a dip at the popular Fonty’s Pool.
  • Hop on a mountain bike for an adventure.
  • Head to the Cosy Creek circuit to watch motocross.
  • Spend the day sipping your way through the region’s wines.

Why is manjimup called Manjimup?