Who is the strongest in Sword Art Online 2?

Who is the strongest in Sword Art Online 2?

Sword Art Online: 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked

  1. 1 Kirito. Narusaka Kazuto or Kirito was a true hero everyone looked up to.
  2. 2 Heathcliff. For many, he was known as Kayaba Akihiko, SAO’s creator, and founder.
  3. 3 Asuna.
  4. 4 Oberon.
  5. 5 Yui.
  6. 6 Alice.
  7. 7 Sinon.
  8. 8 General Eugene.

Who is the best girl in Sword Art Online?

Sword Art Online: 10 Strongest Female Characters, Ranked

  1. 1 Asuna. The strongest and most beloved female character in the series was definitely Asuna.
  2. 2 Rika. Rika’s fellow players knew her as Lisbeth, the blacksmith.
  3. 3 Yui.
  4. 4 Alice.
  5. 5 Leafa.
  6. 6 Quinella.
  7. 7 Sinon.
  8. 8 Silica.

Who is stronger between Kirito and Yuuki?

But they were both defined by the powers that the system gave them. Kirito defied and exceeded the system when he survived the in-game death that should have killed him. In one sense Yuuki was stronger than Kirito in-game.

Is Yuuki stronger than Asuna?

9 Can’t: Yuuki Her attacks were also fierce; she was able to beat Asuna in battle once, and she was even fast enough to outmaneuver Kirito.

Whats the strongest sword in Sao?

Kirito got the Elucidator from a monster drop and it is the most powerful dropped sword.

What is Kirito’s best sword?

The Elucidator
The Elucidator is Kirito’s Primary Sword throughout the game. He was awarded the sword as a boss-drop, after he defeated one of the bosses in the game. This replica sword has an all carbon steel blade which is quenched and hardened on the surface to produce a black sheen.

Can Yuuki beat Kirito?

Yes. Kirito would have won definitely won against Yuuki if the timer didn’t end. At the fight when Yuuki pushes Kirito back his recovery was so fast she didn’t expect it. Yuuki was surprised and on the floor because she knew she couldn’t react fast enough to stop him.