Who did Rihanna wear at Met gala?

Who did Rihanna wear at Met gala?

Rihanna chose a Dolce & Gabbana suit and bow tie paired with black stilettos for 2009’s “The Model as Muse” Met Gala. The theme was all about the people that wear the clothes, rather than a central clothing theme itself. Still, Rihanna certainly made a statement with this menswear-inspired look.

What did Rihanna wear to the 2021 Met Gala?

Rihanna was late to arrive on the Met Gala red carpet on Monday night. She wore black from head to toe, sporting a couture coatdress with a beanie hat and diamonds. Rihanna posed for photos with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, who wore a multicolored quilt over a suit.

Who designed Rihanna Met Gala 2018?

“She asked John Galliano to design a look which was an homage to the Catholic Church,” Wintour said, adding that the designer crafted the labor-intensive look three times over. “She had the design made in cream, gray and black.

Did Rihanna go to the Met 2021?

Yes, Rihanna Showed Up to The Met Gala 2021 – See Photos.

What was under Rihanna’s Met Gala coat?

The rapper wore a patterned, multicolored quilt — which featured yellow, blue, red, green, and brown squares — designed by ERL that stood in complete contrast to Rihanna’s monochromatic ensemble. He later took off the quilt to reveal a suit underneath, much to Rihanna’s delight.

Did Rihanna go to Met 2021?

Rihanna has arrived. The pop star and fashion and beauty mogul made her grand entrance at the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the 2021 Met Gala in a stunning creation—albeit a little bit fashionably late.

Who designed Rihanna’s 2017 Met Gala dress?

Rihanna Wins the 2017 Met Gala With This Insane Comme des Garçons Dress. In 2015 Rihanna arrived last at the Met Gala, carrying a 55-pound couture creation by Guo Pei that went on to spark memes, become a viral hit, and go down as one of the most unforgettable red-carpet moments in fashion history.