Which badminton racket is best in LiNing?

Which badminton racket is best in LiNing?

5 Top Notch Li Ning Badminton Rackets In The Market

  • 1) Li Ning Woods N80. This stylish, silver and gold racket will certainly make you the centre of attention on any badminton court.
  • 2) Li Ning Flame N55-II.
  • 3) Li Ning N9ii.
  • 4) Li Ning Q50.
  • 5) Li Ning N90 II.

How can you tell a real LiNing racket?

Follow these simple steps to verify your racket’s authenticity: Scratch away the Li-Ning logo to see your anti-counterfeiting code. Then go to http://www.li-ning.com/fwcx/ Click on the first circle (16-bit digital security) like shown in below image.

Is Yonex better than Li Ning?

If you are just starting to train then you should probably go for yonex as it enhances your overall game and it has a better sweet spot as compared to the li Ning rackets mostly so yeah.

Is Li Ning badminton good?

Balanced racket and good for intermediate players who need to improve their game and control as well. The cover comes with it is pretty shiny and durable as well. One thing i didn’t like is the paint used in making logo of LiNing on the stringing which is just ignorable thing. And it doesn’t really matter.

Which is the best shuttlecock?

Master Your Skills With The Best Badminton Shuttlecocks

  • Kevenz Goose Feather Badminton Shuttlecock – Best Overall.
  • Zhenan LED Badminton Birdie – Best For Playing In Dim Light.
  • Yonex Mavis 300 Badminton Shuttlecock – Best For Longevity And Speed.
  • Philonext Goose Feather Badminton Birdie – Best For Durable Ball Head.

Are Li-Ning rackets durable?

With better aerodynamics, player will get fast swing speed and better racket handling. 70 Holes Patters: With lesser holes in frame, LI Ning rackets offers better durability and better strength.

What is Li-Ning brand?

Li Ning is the founder and executive chairman of his eponymous athletic apparel and footwear brand, which he founded in 1990 with the goal of providing Chinese athletes with a national brand to wear at the Olympics.

Is Li Ning Chinese?

Li-Ning Co., Ltd. Li-Ning Company Limited is a Chinese sportswear and sports equipment company founded by former Olympic gymnast Li Ning.

Which brand is best for badminton?

Top 5 Badminton Rackets brands in India

  • Yonex: The Japan-based company; Yonex has a stronghold in the Indian racket market which offers 15 string products in India.
  • Li Ning: Yet another major racket brand available in India, Li Ning houses its widest collection of rackets available online.
  • Victor:
  • Silver Sports:
  • Cosco:

Are Li Ning rackets durable?

Which racket does Saina Nehwal use?

India’s Saina Nehwal has a number of firsts to her name including being the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championships in 2008. Saina’s parents were also badminton champions….Saina Nehwal On Twitter.

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