What type of crane is the Liebherr LTM?

What type of crane is the Liebherr LTM?

All-terrain cranes
LTM mobile cranes: All-terrain cranes which set standards. They feature safety, economy and comfort. The powerful, long telescopic booms can reach great working heights quickly and easily.

What does a mobile crane cost?

Mobile Crane ($125,000 – $525,000+) – A common type of crane that is transportable, but may have limited range compared to the telescopic crane.

Who makes Liebherr cranes?

The mobile and crawler cranes are developed and manufactured by Liebherr in Ehingen/Donau (Germany), Biberach an der Riss (Germany) and Nenzing (Austria). Liebherr also has several of its own sales and service branches for mobile and crawler cranes in more than 80 countries.

What is the biggest mobile crane in the world?

Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1: the biggest mobile crane in the world

  • Weight: 222.67 US tons.
  • Lifting capacity: 1,200 tons.
  • Boom length: 328.084 feet.

Who makes the best mobile cranes?

Top ten crane manufacturers 2019

  • Tadano.
  • Zoomlion.
  • Manitowoc Cranes.
  • ZPMC.
  • Xuzhou heavy machinery (XCMG)
  • Cargotec.
  • Konecranes, including MHPS from Terex.
  • 1.Liebherr.

What does a 500 ton crane mean?

About the 500-Ton Crane The crane has a lifting radius of 100 metres and the load capacity maxes out at 400 tons. In order to become an operator of the 500-ton crane, years of training and practice are required.

What crane has the highest lift capacity?

Liebherr LR 13000. The Liebherr LR 13000 is known as the most powerful crane in the world, with a maximum lifting capacity of 3000 t. The crane has a hoist height of 240 metres and can be flexibly used from small to heavy hoists.

What is the tallest tower crane?

Tallest Tower Crane: Kroll K10000

  • Max load capacity: 240 tons.
  • Crane height: 470 feet.
  • Jib reach: 266 feet to 330 feet.
  • Rotation: 360 degrees.
  • Area covered by crane: 7.5 acres.

What is the best mobile crane?

Top 5 World’s Biggest Cranes

  1. Liebherr Mobile 11200-9.1 Crane. The Liebherr crane is the longest telescopic boom crane in the world!
  2. SSCV Thialf Crane. The SSCV Thialf is a semi-submersible crane vessel.
  3. Taisun Gantry Crane. The Taisun Gantry crane is one of the world’s strongest crane.
  4. Liebherr LR 13000.