What is the world record Aerobie throw?

What is the world record Aerobie throw?

1,333 feet
For exhilarating flying disc games, nothing compares with the high performance of the Aerobie Pro Ring. This flying disc was used to set a Guinness World Record for the farthest throw, an amazing 1,333 feet (406 meters)!

What is the difference between Aerobie Pro and Sprint?

For truly exhilarating games of catch, the Pro ring has no equals. Compact and lightweight, the Aerobie sprint ring flies twice as far as conventional flying discs for awesome games of catch. Its smaller size is its only distinction from the otherwise identical Aerobie Pro flying ring.

Does the Aerobie Sprint float?

The Aerobie Sprint Ring measures 10 inches in diameter. Available in assorted neon colors. Sold individually. Note: This disc does not float in water.

What is the farthest flying disc in disc golf?

The Innova Boss is a truly a world record breaking disc. In 2016, David Wiggins Jr. threw a 156 gram RPro Boss 1,109.8 feet to break the “Longest Backhand Flight Distance (Men’s)” record. Now granted this was thrown with tailwind and for maximum distance, but still, the disc went 1,108 feet!

Why do flying rings go so much further than Frisbees?

By gluing together two or more layers (laminated construction), you will end up with a stiffer ring or disk, which will fly better. A way to further increase stiffness is to compensate for the “grain” of the paper by rotating the disks relative to the original orientation before gluing them.

What is the best ring Frisbee?

Flick Your Way to Greatness with the Best Frisbees

  • Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings – Best Overall.
  • Discraft Ultra Star 175 Disc – Runner Up.
  • Nite Ize Flashflight Flying Disc – Honorable Mention.
  • Champion Sports Competition Flying Disc – Also Consider.
  • Sportime Heavy Duty Flying Discs.

Are Aerobie discs good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing product and the best disc I have ever purchased! I have used aerobie products since the 80’s. I love the balance of this disc and you can get some real distance with it too. It’s easy to curve this disc or throw it evenly.

Why does an Aerobie fly so far?

Since it has very low drag and good stability, it can be thrown much farther than a flying disc. The Aerobie was used to set two former world records for thrown objects.

How far can a pro disc golf throw?

So, how far do pro disc golfers throw? Most pros can drive accurately between 350 ft – 450 ft with the top pros able to drive more than 500 ft.