What is the postal code of Bogo City?

What is the postal code of Bogo City?

Bogo City Postcode: 6010 (Number of Postcodes: 1 items).

What are the barangays in Bogo City Cebu?


Barangay Population percentage (2020) Population (2015)
Guadalupe 4.73% 3,540
La Paz 4.63% 3,743
La Purisima Concepcion 0.92% 931
Libertad 5.37% 4,029

When was Bogo became City?

On June 16, 2007, the municipality Bogo becomes a city in the province of Cebu after ratification of Republic Act 9390. The Supreme Court declared the cityhood law of Bogo and 15 other cities unconstitutional after a petition filed by the League of Cities of the Philippines in its ruling on November 18, 2008.

What is Bogo City known for?

Bogo City celebrates two town fiestas in every year in honor of its patron saint, Saint Vincent Ferrer. 5 April is the official feast day or the death anniversary of San Vicente Ferrer.

What is the zip code of Lapu Lapu City?

6016Lapu-Lapu City / Zip code

Who is the Bogo City mayor?


Category Component City Ranking
Region REGION VII (Central Visayas) Province
Website www.cityofbogocebu.gov.ph E-mail
Address Cayang, Bogo City Contact Nos.

Is Bogo City a rural or urban?

Bogo City has a total of 29 barangays. Bogo City is a unclassified City and Partially Urban. Bogo City is in the Cebu province and within Region VII-Central Visayas.

How many barangays are in San Remigio?

San Remigio celebrates its annual fiesta on 15 and 16 May in honor of their patron saints, San Isidro Labrador and San Juan Nepomuceno. The parish, which was founded in 1864, celebrated its 150th anniversary in May 2014….San Remigio, Cebu.

San Remigio
Founded 1863
Barangays 27 (see Barangays)
• Type Sangguniang Bayan

How many council members does a Sangguniang Barangay compose?

Creation and Election. – (a) There shall be in every Barangay a Sangguniang Kabataan to be composed of a chairman, seven (7) members, a secretary, and a treasurer.