What is GYLON material?

What is GYLON material?

GYLON is a PTFE material, available in a range of grades for specific applications and/or industries. It is manufactured using a proprietary process that imparts unique physical properties that are not obtainable through conventional manufacturing methods.

What is Garlock GYLON?

GYLON gives you a tight seal for reduced leakage and more uptime, even in the most challenging chemical and corrosive environments. Manufactured using a Garlock proprietary process, GYLON’s unique physical properties reduce creep, cold flow, and improve performance reliability.

What material is Garlock?

Garlock’s Premium Rubber family of products are manufactured using high-quality homogeneous rubber compounds, unlike commercial or utility rubber products, which are made with low-quality blends, prone to media incompatibility and gasket failure.

What are Gylon gaskets made of?

Gylon Gaskets are manufactured from PTFE based materials that host a range of benefits for gasket use. This product is manufactured using a patented process that conveys unique physical assets that aren’t attainable through regular, conventional PTFE manufacturing methods.

What are Garlock gaskets made of?

aramid fibers
Garlock’s BLUE-GARD Style 3700 gasketing material is a compressed, non-asbestos gasket made from aramid fibers with an EPDM binder. These gaskets drastically lowers emissions levels, fluid loss, and energy consumption.