What is an Omnipas?

What is an Omnipas?

The Omnipas is a pass for people over 25. With a Omnipas you have unlimited travel on all scheduled transport of De Lijn, except on the Limburg express lines.

What is De Lijn in Belgium?

Vlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij De Lijn (English: Flemish transport company De Lijn), usually known as De Lijn (Dutch pronunciation: [də lɛi̯n], “The Line”), is a company run by the Flemish government in Belgium to provide public transportation with about 2240 buses and 399 trams.

What is a MoBIB card?

A personal MOBIB card is a reloadable card on which you can load every type of transport ticket, including season tickets. It is strictly personal, which means you cannot lend it to another person. It allows you to purchase every type of transport ticket: season ticket, JUMP 10 journeys, return trip, etc.

Can I use MoBIB on De Lijn?

The MoBIB card is a smart chip card that lets you load different transport tickets and/or other services based on your needs. It’s a real intermodality treasure chest! MoBIB technology is now widely available from STIB, SNCB, De Lijn and TEC, as well as from other partenaires.

How do you use De Lijn?

Hold the electronic card in front of the blue circle at the bottom of one of the yellow scanners near the driver or further down the vehicle. Carry on into the vehicle when the tick on a green field appears. Consult the info button. This way you can see how many journeys you have left or how long your ticket is valid.

Does De Lijn work in Brussels?

For all your trips in and around Brussels with De Lijn, TEC, NMBS-SNCB and MIVB-STIB. You can find discounted rates for school students on the MIVB-STIB website.

How can I check my MOBIB card balance?

To know the balance of your MOBIB card or the expiry date of your season ticket, you have two options.

  1. Use the GO vending machines. Place the card on the holder of the machine. Your card balance appears on the screen.
  2. Use the MOBIB validators. Press the ‘Info’ button on the validator. The machine will make a bip.

How do I renew my MOBIB card?

There are four ways to renew your travel pass. Upon receipt of payment your new travel pass is automatically loaded onto your current MOBIB card….After linking your MOBIB card(s), you can renew your travel pass via ‘My Account’.

  1. Log in via My Account.
  2. Go to products.
  3. Choose season tickets.
  4. Click on renew subscription.

How do I activate my De Lijn card?

Once you are logged in, go to ‘Tickets’. Under ‘Purchased’, select the ticket you want to activate and click ‘Activate’. Confirm if you are sure that you want to activate a ticket. This will move one ticket from ‘Purchased’ to ‘Active’.

How can I check my Mobib card balance?

Is public transport free in Belgium?

You can also buy your train tickets online at this website. The following persons can travel for free with the SNCB: Children under 6 years of age accompanied by a passenger of 12 years of age or older carrying a valid travel document (maximum 4 children).