What is the term for the space within an artery vein intestine or tube __?

What is the term for the space within an artery vein intestine or tube __?

lumen. Tubular space or channel within any organ or structure of the body; space within an artery, vein, intestine, or tube.

What type of tissue acts as an internal and external covering of the body?

Epithelial tissue is one of the four main types of body tissue found in your organs and covers internal and external surfaces in your body. It has several different structures and functions depending on where it is in your body.

What is the combining form Viscer O means?

Viscer/o. Visceral-Pertaining to internal organs. Poster/o. Posterior-Pertaining to back.

What is the largest most important part of an organ?

Terms in this set (8)

  • apex. the point of extremity of a conical structure.
  • body. the largest or most important part of an organ.
  • fornix. any arched structure.
  • fundus. the base or deepest part of a follow organ.
  • hilum. recess, exit or entrance of a duct into a gland or of a nerve and vessel into an organ.
  • lumen.
  • sinus.
  • vestibule.

What does thoracic refer to?

Thoracic: Pertaining to the chest.

Which of the following is part of the tunica media of veins?

The tunica media, or middle coat, is thicker in arteries, particularly in the large arteries, and consists of smooth muscle cells intermingled with elastic fibres. The muscle cells and elastic fibres circle the vessel.

Which type of tissue supports protects and holds the body together?

Connective tissue
The type of tissue that holds the body together is Connective tissue.

Whats is cartilage?

Cartilage is the main type of connective tissue seen throughout the body. It serves a variety of structural and functional purposes and exists in different types throughout our joints, bones, spine, lungs, ears and nose.

What is myc O?

What does myco- mean? Myco- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “mushroom, fungus.” It is used in many medical and scientific terms, especially in biology—as well as in a branch of biology known as mycology, as we’ll discuss below. Myco- comes from the Greek mýkēs, meaning “mushroom, fungus.”

What is the meaning of Viscer O?

, viscer-, visceri- [L. viscera, body organs] Prefixes meaning viscera.

What are human internal organs?

The solid organs are the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and adrenal glands. The hollow organs of the abdomen are the stomach, intestines, gallbladder, bladder, and rectum….Organ (biology)

Many of the internal organs of the human body
System Organ systems

What is the widest part of an organ called?

The right side of the organ—called the head—is the widest part of the organ and lies in the curve of the duodenum, the first division of the small intestine. The tapered left side extends slightly upward—called the body of the pancreas—and ends near the spleen—called the tail.