What happened to the original Livia in Inspector Montalbano?

What happened to the original Livia in Inspector Montalbano?

Montalbano fans took to social media last night to voice their “disappointment” in the central character who betrayed his partner of 20 years Livia (played by Sonia Bergamasco), dumping her over the phone after having a fling with his much younger colleague Antonia, played by Greta Scarano.

Where is Commissario Montalbano filmed?

Filming is in Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Donnafugata Castle and the Donnalucata, Pozzallo and Scoglitti ports, Marina di Ragusa, Comiso, Santa Croce Camerina, and other places in south-eastern Sicily. The opening shots in the series include the Guerrieri Viaduct in Modica.

Do Montalbano and Livia get married?

Montalbano is in his 50s, still not married to Livia, and deeply conscious that the battle against crime and corruption is unending.

What language is spoken in Inspector Montalbano?

Sicilian language
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How did Montalbano get his house?

The house was originally a warehouse for salting sardines, purchased in 1904 directly from the state property. It is now a 3-level building measuring 110 square meters each, with two famous verandas overlooking the sea.

What happens to Francois in Inspector Montalbano?

Francois is the orphaned Tunisian boy who comes into their lives in The Snack Thief whom Livia wants to adopt and loved like her own son, but Montalbano refused. Perhaps, because of this refusal Montalbano muses, Francois has grown into an angry young man, broken off contact and disappeared.

Does Montalbano speak Sicilian?

Do the Sicilian people in the Italian TV series “Inspector Montalbano” (Il Commissario Montalbano) speak Italian with a distinctive regional accent? Yes, all the regular and recurring characters speak with a strong Sicilian accent.

Who is Fazio in Montalbano?

Peppino Mazzotta
Peppino Mazzotta (born 20 May 1971) is an Italian actor, known for playing police officer Giuseppe Fazio in Il commissario Montalbano mystery series based on the character and novels created by Andrea Camilleri.