What episode does she find out he is Healer?

What episode does she find out he is Healer?

Healer is forced to reveal his identify but does not become less powerful with the reveal.

What episode do they kiss in Healer?

In episode 14 of “Healer”, the teary kiss ending where they confirmed their feelings towards each other became a hot topic. With that, the production team unveiled behind-the-scenes stills of the teary kiss. The scene was filmed on 18 January at a film set in Chungbuk province, Cheongju city.

What happens in Healer Kdrama?

A decades-old incident involving a group of five friends who ran an illegal pro-democracy broadcasting station during the Fifth Republic in South Korea brings together three different people—an illegal “night courier” with the codename “Healer” (Ji Chang-wook) who possesses top-notch fighting skills, a reporter from a …

What happened in Healer Episode 1?

When the subway car arrives carrying his new client, Jung-hoo makes sure to get to him before the rivals do, and quietly grabs the contact’s arm and asks, “You came to meet the Healer?” He pulls the man back onto the train, but not soon enough; the rivals spot them and jump onto the car, and soon Jung-hoo finds himself …

Does healer have a good ending?

Healer has a good ending. It’s my favorite. My Love from the Star has a tag ending you can find in the credits and review episode after that makes it even a little better. 🙂 If you watch My Love from the Star, there is one extra scene after the credits at the end of each episode.

What happens at the end of Healer?

At the ending of the movie, the audience gets to see Alec’s portrait on the wall indicating that he had this gift from the start as the dog also behaves weirdly with him. The ending of The Healer falls just short of making it clear that God is capable of magical healing.

How does healer end?

Jeong-hoo was shot by detective Yoon and fell down. It was not Healer Seo Jeong-hoo, but the news reporter Park Bong-soo who died. At the same time, Jeong-hoo got out of his identity as Healer but was reborn as a natural person, a real Seo Jeong-hoo.

Who is Mun Ho first love in Healer?

No doubt he knows Moon Ho’s first love is his wife, Myung Hee.

Is what’s wrong with Secretary Kim love triangle?

Lee Tae-Hwan, Park Min-Young and Park Seo-Joon are caught in a love triangle, but it’s for the tvN’s upcoming drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Tae-Hwan is the latest South Korean celebrity to join the show’s cast. Tae-Hwan’s agency Fantagio confirmed that the actor has accepted the offer to play the third lead.

Does Alec get his gift back in The Healer?

Alec then begs for his uncle Raymond to give him his healing gift back. Raymond tells Alec that he needs to talk to God about this. Alec then runs to church to get his gift back and calls God an idiot. The next day, Alec learns that Abigail has gone into remission.

Is Young-shin the one the Healer is looking for?

She’ll work hard, and if it happens, it’ll be her fate. As she barrels along to the bus stop, we see through the Healer’s fancy info-glasses that Young-shin is the one he’s looking for.

When does JTBC’s upcoming drama’forecasting love and weather’release?

JTBC released their drama lineup for this year. Song Kang and Park Min Young’s drama “Forecasting Love and Weather” to air this February! JTBC’s upcoming drama “Forecasting Love and Weather” confirmed its premiere date.

Is Moon-ho back in healer mode?

He’s back in Healer mode, though I notice he still has his Double S earpiece in. On air, Moon-ho introduces the topic of the day, kicking off with the shocking video footage of a village in health crisis. It made headlines last year, but nobody knew the cause of the epidemic—but now they have the proof that this was an intentional experiment.

What does “지켜줄게” from the healer mean?

It’s a dangerous game they’re playing, but our team goes all-out and heightens the already high stakes, sending the message to their opponents that not only are they not backing down, they’re willing to go on the offense. Bring it. Ji Chang-wook – “지켜줄게” (I’ll protect you) from the Healer OST [ Download ]