What is the formula for the ballistic pendulum?

What is the formula for the ballistic pendulum?

½ (m+M)vf2 = (m+M)gh. Apply conservation of momentum to determine the relationship between vf and the bullet’s speed before the collision.

How should you fire the ballistic pendulum?

Leave the pendulum raised. Position the apparatus near the end of the table so that it is aimed out across the floor with a range of about three meters. Shoot the ball and note where it hits the floor. Make sure that the gun does not move.

Is velocity conserved in a ballistic pendulum?

In the case of a pendulum total mechanical energy is conserved. So kinetic energy of the pendulum (after firing) is fully converted to potential energy. Thus the pendulum’s initial velocity can be calculated. Using the law of conservation of momentum, the velocity of the bullet can be computed.

How much energy is lost in a ballistic pendulum?

The fraction lost for this totally inelastic collision is strictly dependent on the mass ratio of ball to pendulum. Therefore 2/3 of the kinetic energy is lost to heat.

Why is ballistic pendulum inelastic?

On the other hand, in an inelastic collision, momentum is conserved and the two objects stick together after the collision. In the case of the ballistic pendulum, the collision is inelastic because the bullet is embedded in the block.

What is the maximum velocity of the pendulum?

For a pendulum, the maximum speed is when the pendulum is at the bottom of its swing so x=0. The function for velocity of a pendulum is v=ω√x02-x2. Angular velocity (ω) = 2π/T and T = √l/g.

What is initial velocity?

Initial Velocity is the velocity at time interval t = 0 and it is represented by u. It is the velocity at which the motion starts. They are four initial velocity formulas: (1) If time, acceleration and final velocity are provided, the initial velocity is articulated as. u = v – at.