What does Workspot do?

What does Workspot do?

Workspot Client is a downloadable application that runs on the user’s device. It’s the user’s comprehensive view into the corporate assets, including desktops, applications and data, that IT policies enable that user to securely access. It is available for any device – PC, Mac, Phone, or Tablet.

How much does Workspot cost?

Workspot cloud desktops start at $20/user/month. Please enquire here for further information.

How do I use Workspot?

Download the Workspot Clients for Windows 64 bit & 32 bit, MacOS, iOS and Android.

  1. Download Workspot Client.
  2. Launch Workspot for the first time.
  3. Activate Access.
  4. Set your Passcode.
  5. Use Workspot.

What is Workspot Client?

Workspot Client is a downloadable application for the user’s device. It ensures secure access by conducting device posture checks, securing data in motion and at rest, whitelisting and blacklisting traffic, and logging events for compliance and auditing.

What is azure Nerdio?

About Nerdio Nerdio is the premier solution for all things virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure. Backed by industry experts, a rockstar team, second-to-none partner and customer support – Nerdio is miles ahead of any other similar platform available today.

What is Nerdio used for?

Nerdio Manager automatically creates the necessary network connections, images, and provisioning policies based on the current AVD configuration. It can also be used to deploy Windows 365 even if there is no existing AVD deployment. Manage all aspects of Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs.

What is Nerdio manager?

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise extends the native Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 admin capabilities with automatic and fast virtual desktop deployment, simple management in just a few clicks, and cost-optimization features for savings of up to 75% – paired with the unmatched security of Microsoft Azure and expert …

What is Nerdio Manager for MSP?

The Nerdio Manager application gives us the control, tools and ability to deploy and manage Microsoft Azure tenants for our clients, making the process extremely simple and easy. Any MSP could implement and manage an Azure strategy for its customers with little effort or knowledge of Azure.”

What is Nerdio manager for Wvd?

Nerdio Manager is an Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365-native, Enterprise-grade Azure application deployed to customer’s own Azure subscription and controlled exclusively by the customer. This means no data ever leaves and is only controlled by the customer.

How much in cost savings can you achieve when using Nerdio with your Windows virtual desktop in Azure?

When speaking to new Nerdio customers, we mention that an average Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) customer saves 50%-75% on Azure compute and storage with Nerdio Manager’s cost optimization technology.