What does OCBC stand for?

What does OCBC stand for?

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Limited
www.ocbc.com. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Limited (Chinese: 华侨银行有限公司; pinyin: Huáqiáo Yínháng Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī), often known as OCBC Bank (Chinese: 华侨银行; pinyin: Huáqiáo Yínháng), is a Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in OCBC Centre, Singapore.

Who is OCBC Bank?

OCBC Bank is the longest established Singapore bank, formed in 1932 from the merger of three local banks, the oldest of which was founded in 1912.

Is OCBC from China?

Headquartered in Singapore, OCBC Bank has a long history in China. OCBC Bank established its first presence in mainland China in 1925 with the opening of Xiamen branch, after which it has been operating without interruption on this land for nearly 100 years.

Who founded OCBC Bank?

Greater China Mr Lee Kong Chian, then vice-chairman of Chinese Commercial Bank, led the amalgamation of the three banks to form OCBC Bank in 1932. Besides being well-known for his generous philanthropy, Mr Lee was also well-respected as the son-in-law of Mr Tan Kah Kee.

Who owns OCBC Singapore?

Company Background The current largest shareholder is Lee Foundation, a charitable organization in Singapore formed by Lee Kong Chian, one of the three leaders of OCBC at the time of establishment. Lee Foundation owns around 20%. Current CEO Samuel N. Tsien was appointed in April 2012.

Who owns OCBC Bank in Singapore?

OCBC Bank’s private banking services are provided by its wholly-owned subsidiary Bank of Singapore, which operates on a unique open-architecture product platform to source for the best-in-class products to meet its clients’ goals.

Is OCBC in Australia?

Australia. OCBC Bank’s Australia branch offers a range of wholesale banking services including loans and advances, trade finance, deposits, remittances, money market and foreign exchange dealing.

Which family owns OCBC?

Lee family. The Lee family’s fortune is derived from a stake in OCBC Bank, Singapore’s second-largest bank by assets.

How many branches OCBC Singapore?

You can choose from a range of 39 OCBC Bank branches in Singapore, including one location (with Premier Banking centre) at Hougang Mall (90 Hougang Ave 10).

Is Citibank a Chinese company?

The Chinese unit of Citigroup has been operating since 1902 and became the first American bank to establish operations in China. An office tower, the Citigroup Tower, in Lujiazui, Shanghai is named after the bank….Citibank (China)

Type Subsidiary
Industry Banking, financial services
Founded April 2, 2007

Which is the largest bank in Singapore?

Development Bank of Singapore
DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) established in 1968, is considered the largest bank in Singapore and Southeast Asia, as measured by assets. It is a leading consumer bank in Singapore and Hong Kong, serving over 4 million and 1 million retail customers respectively.

Is DBS in Australia?

DBS Bank Ltd opened its Australia Branch in Sydney in June 2015. With the branch, DBS will better facilitate business and investment flows between Australia and Asia, providing insight and connectivity into our core markets.