What Does dwarfish mean?

What Does dwarfish mean?

adjective. like a dwarf, especially in being abnormally small; diminutive.

What type of word is dwarfish?

(ˈdwɔrfɪʃ) adjective. like a dwarf, esp. in being abnormally small; diminutive.

What does the word dwarfish suggest?

Definitions of dwarfish. adjective. atypically small. Synonyms: little, small. limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent.

Is it dwarvish or dwarfish?

In a foreword to The Hobbit, published in 1937, J R R Tolkien writes: “In English, the only correct plural of ‘dwarf’ is ‘dwarfs’ and the adjective is ‘dwarfish’. In this story ‘dwarves’ and ‘dwarvish’ are used, but only when speaking of the ancient people to whom Thorin Oakenshield and his companions belonged.”

What does it mean to be outfitted?

adjective. furnished with essential equipment for a particular occupation or undertaking occupation. “a well outfitted expedition to the South Pole” synonyms: fitted out equipped, furnished. provided with whatever is necessary for a purpose (as furniture or equipment or authority)

What is a distant memory?

a distant memory (=something that happened a long time ago)Already the summer seemed like a distant memory.

What does dwarfish mean?

Like a dwarf; being especially small. like a dwarf; below the common stature or size; very small; petty; as, a dwarfish animal, shrub How to pronounce dwarfish? How to say dwarfish in sign language? What is an epigram? A dwarfish whole, its body brevity, and wit its soul.

What is the difference between a midget and a dwarf?

These two terms were previously used interchangeably. But the close similarities do not imply that they have the same meaning. The main difference between dwarf and midget is that dwarf is an extremely short heighted adult while midget is an offensive word to describe a short heighted adult.

What are the names of the Seven Dwarfs?

To Bojo White and the Seven Political Dwarfs. First told by the Brothers Grimm. But ours are mostly just dim. The haunted old Labour HQ known as Barbara Castle. She is the one they call: Angela Rayner. As she reads the latest opinion polls.

What does dwarfishly mean?

The condition of being a dwarf. Dwarfism occurs when an individual person or animal is short in stature resulting from a medical condition caused by abnormal growth.