Is there a Pokemon radio station?

Is there a Pokémon radio station?

Radio functionality is included in the Pokégear, which is featured in the Johto-based games Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

How do I get the Pokegear radio?

Radio. After acquiring the Radio Card (Japanese: ラジオカード Radio Card) from a quiz host at the Goldenrod Radio Tower, the Radio function of the Pokégear can now be used. It allows the player to tune in to the various radio stations being broadcast from the two Radio Towers in Goldenrod (Johto) and Lavender (Kanto).

Is Oak on with Marie?

DJ Mary (Japanese: クルミ Kurumi) is a DJ in Goldenrod Radio Tower. She co-hosts the famous radio program, Professor Oak’s Pokémon Talk, with Professor Oak.

How do you get past the guard in the Goldenrod City Radio Tower?

You have to in the underground tunnel and dress up as a Team Rocket Grunt. Just talk to the other Grunt at the Pokemon Dressup area in that tunnel, and you’ll be dressed up. Then go to the guard and you’ll fool him, that is, until your rival comes and then you battle the guard. After you beat him, you can go up.

What does radio Pokémon mean?

The Radio Card This feature allows you to listen to the radio stations within the game being broadcast from Goldenrod’s Radio Tower.

How do I activate sinnoh sound?

To get Sinnoh Pokémon, all you need to do is turn the PokéGear Radio onto the Pokémon March station on a Thursday. On Thursdays, the Pokémon March Channel is the “Sinnoh Sound” show. If you have this playing while going through the areas and the wild Pokémon may be a Pokémon whom is originally from Sinnoh.

How do you get into the Goldenrod Radio Tower in Pokemon Crystal?

Upon finding the real station manager in the second basement of the Goldenrod Department Store, he will give the player a Card Key to open the door on the third floor that separates the upper floors of the tower in two.

How do you get in the Radio Tower in soul silver?

Go into the underground tunnel on the north side of the city. Walk right to the Rocket Grunt, who will change you into a Team Rocket uniform. Note that you can’t leave the city with a uniform on. Enter the radio tower next.

Where is the Kanto Radio Tower?

Lavender Town
Lavender Radio Tower, a seven-story tower in the former Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, Kanto.

Where is the Goldenrod Radio Tower?

Goldenrod City
The Goldenrod Radio Tower (Japanese: コガネラジオとう Kogane Radio Tower) is a six-story tower located next to the Magnet Train station in Goldenrod City, the largest city in Johto.

Can you buy a berry at Amart in Pokemon Crystal?

Question 2 posted: You can’t buy a Berry at a mart.

What is the radio channel in Pokemon HeartGold?

These Twins! The Variety Channel (Japanese: バラエティー チャンネールー Variety Channel) is a radio channel introduced in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. The program is hosted on station 4 (bottom-right).

What frequency is the Pokémon talk radio show on?

It operates on radio frequency 4.5 from 4 AM to 10 AM each day. All the other times, Professor Oak’s Pokémon Talk is broadcasted on that frequency. This show is not hosted by any known DJ.

What station is the town channel in Pokemon?

In Generation IV, the show is broadcast on the Town Channel (Japanese: まちかどチャンネル Street Corner Channel) on station 3 (bottom-left). It features the top three parts of the towns and cities in both Johto and Kanto.

Where do you listen to the Pokédex show?

In Generation II, it can be heard on channel 20.0. In Generation IV, it only plays in the Celadon Game Corner and the Goldenrod Game Corner. It can be heard if the radio is tuned near the top, above stations 1 and 2. The Pokédex Show (Japanese: よくわかる ポケモンずかん The Pokédex Made Simple) is a radio show available in Johto in Generation II.