Is P-Bromoacetanilide soluble?

Is P-Bromoacetanilide soluble?


Melting Point 166°C to 171°C
Solubility Information Moderately soluble in alcohol. Insoluble in water.
Formula Weight 214.06
Percent Purity 98%
Chemical Name or Material 4′-Bromoacetanilide

How would you prepare p-Bromoacetanilide from acetanilide?

Principle: p-bromoacetanilide is prepared by bromination process. Mono substituted products of primary amine can not prepared easily by direct action of a reagent. Bromination of acetanilide gives para brominated acetanilide, mainly because amino group of acetanilide is protected by acetyl group.

Why glacial acetic acid is used in synthesis of P-Bromoacetanilide from acetanilide?

Bromination of aromatic compounds (like aniline) using Bromine (Br2) takes place by electophilic aromatic substitution mechanism. describe almost pure acetic acid. This is why glacial acetic acid is used.

How is acetanilide converted to P Bromoaniline?

Aniline is heated with acetic anhydride to form acetanilide. Treatment with bromine/acetic acid gives p-bromoacetanilide. Acid/alkaline hydrolysis gives p-bromoaniline.

What is the structural formula of Bromoacetanilide?


PubChem CID 128309
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula C8H8BrNO
Synonyms N-bromo-N-phenylacetamide Bromoacetanilide 103373-69-9 Acetamide, bromo-N-phenyl- n-bromoacetanilide More…
Molecular Weight 214.06

What is the density of P-Bromoacetanilide?

Predicted data is generated using the ACD/Labs Percepta Platform – PhysChem Module

Density: 1.5±0.1 g/cm3
Enthalpy of Vaporization: 59.8±3.0 kJ/mol
Flash Point: 167.6±23.2 °C
Index of Refraction: 1.612
Molar Refractivity: 48.2±0.3 cm3

What is the need to add zinc during the preparation of acetanilide?

What is the need to add zinc during the preparation of acetanilide? Zinc is added to prevent the oxidation of aniline during the reaction. It reduces the coloured impurities present in the solution.

Which is the non green component used in conventional method of P Bromo Acetanilide synthesis from acetanilide?

Acetylation of primary amine (Preparation of acetanilide) [6]: Conventional method: Non green solvent dichloromethane is used; Pyridine is toxic and is not eco-friendly. Acetic anhydride leaves one molecule of acetic acid unused which devoid the rule of atom-economy.

Why glacial acetic acid is used in acetanilide?

Acetanilide is prepared from aniline when it reacts with acetic anhydride/glacial acetic acid in the presence of zinc dust. A mixture of aniline, glacial acetic acid, acetic anhydride and zinc dust is refluxed under anhydrous condition and then poured the mixture into ice cold water to get acetic anhydride precipitate.

How do you convert aniline to p bromoaniline?

Answer : As aniline is a very activating group, it is first reacted with anhydride to make it less activating , which on reaction with bromine in acetic acid , followed by acid hydrolysis gives p-bromoaniline.

How do you convert aniline to p nitroaniline?

Aniline when treated with acetoacetate will produce Nacetyl aniline. This if treated with H2SO4/HNO2/CH3COOH will produce paranito nacetyl aniline, which on hydrolysis will give para nito aniline. a bit of ortho form will also form but it will be very little and can be easily separated by distillation.