How much does basketball tile cost?

How much does basketball tile cost?

Cost of Basketball Court by Material

Material Cost per Sq.Ft. (Materials Only)
Tiles $3 – $7
Laminate $4 – $6
Rubber $4 – $8
Hardwood Floor $6.25 – $10

How much are outdoor basketball courts?

The simple answer is an outdoor basketball court can cost you anywhere from $11,000 to $76,000 with the average cost being $35,000. That comes out to be about $3.50 to $17 per square foot. A standard full-size basketball court runs 94 feet by 50 feet (4,700 square feet).

What is the best material for outdoor basketball court?

Concrete is the first and best choice for a home basketball court. While often the most costly base option, concrete is going to give you the best performance and long-term results. A typical concrete pad for a backyard basketball court will consist of a 4″ pad with steel reinforced rebar and saw cut expansion joints.

How do you put a basketball court in your backyard?

How to Build Your Own Backyard Basketball Court

  1. Purchase the Hoop & Sports Court Surface Tiles. The in-ground Hoop anchor kit should be installed during the concrete pour, so ensure you’ve ordered your Hoop in time to arrive before you schedule the concrete.
  2. Level the Ground.
  3. Pour a 100mm Concrete Slab.
  4. Install the Hoop.

How thick is a concrete basketball court?

Many courts are built over a 4” thick concrete slab using 3500 PSI concrete and 1/2″ rebar reinforcements. Concrete is considered ideal for sport courts as a permanent structure that when done right will not require any maintenance.

How much is black top for a basketball court?

Asphalt/Blacktop Surface Estimates Some homeowners prefer to install asphalt for basketball. Asphalt usually calls for fewer repairs than concrete in extreme heat or cold. The cost of placing asphalt hovers around $3 and $4 per square foot, or $14,000 to $18,000 for a full court.

How thick are sport court tiles?

Outdoor Sports Tiles

Material High-quality impact-resistant polypropylene
Color Assorted
Size 12″x12″
Thickness Approx. 5/8″