Can you convert a motorcycle to a trike?

Can you convert a motorcycle to a trike?

A trike kit conversion is a process of installing a new trike kit suspension on your motorcycle. We remove your existing swing arm, tire, shocks, brake, etc and bolt on the new rear trike suspension. We also paint to match and install fiberglass bodies on the full independent suspension trike conversions.

How wide is a Voyager trike kit?

Wider wheelbase for extra stability – average trike width = 52-54″; Voyager trike width = 55-60″, depending on frame size necessary.

Where are Voyager Trike kits made?

the USA
We fit over 150 different motorcycles and have been on the road for 17 years. Made in the USA.

Are Motor Trike Kits good?

Performance. Motor Trike’s conversions are the top performing trikes in the market. Our products exceed expectations in the three most requested trike categories: exceptional handling, smooth ride, and superior trunk design.

How wide are trikes?

A Motor Trike is 54″ at it’s widest point, hope this helps !

How much does a Honda trike weigh?

Curb weight listed on the CSC page says 1080 lbs.

Are there training wheels for motorcycles?

Motorcycle training wheels are an inexpensive way to convert your motorcycle to a trike. These are assemblies that attach to your motorcycle. They go on both sides of your motorcycles rear axle as you can see in the photo below. Many kids had something similar on their first bicycles – called training wheels.

How does the Voyager trike kit work?

The Voyager is mounted via receiver brackets (mounting hardware) installed on the motorcycle. Once these brackets are installed, the Voyager frame will bolt on and bolt off in minutes. The receiver brackets are not permanent, but for most bikes, can stay on while riding your two-wheel motorcycle.

Who makes Goldwing trike?

Honda’s all-new Gold Wing is lighter, more powerful and more sophisticated, including an optional automatic 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, and the Gold Wing Tour (as the trunk-equipped version is now called) was the hands-down winner of our 2018 Motorcycle of the Year award.