How long is an OAuth token?

How long is an OAuth token?

By default, access tokens are valid for 60 days and programmatic refresh tokens are valid for a year. The member must reauthorize your application when refresh tokens expire.

What is the length of access token?

Facebook access token can be longer than 255 characters.

How many bytes is an OAuth token?

OAuth access tokens are 64 bytes long. Provide the access token in a header with every request to Connect API endpoints.

How long is Google OAuth?

Sensitive scopes allow access to Google User Data. If an app uses sensitive scopes, it must comply with the Google API User Data Policy or product specific User Data policy and have its OAuth consent screen configuration verified by Google. The app verification process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days.

How long do Google oauth refresh tokens last?

200 days
The refresh token is set with a very long expiration time of 200 days. If the traffic to this API is 10 requests/second, then it can generate as many as 864,000 tokens in a day.

How long should session tokens last?

When issued, an access token’s default lifetime is assigned a random value ranging between 60-90 minutes (75 minutes on average). The default lifetime also varies depending on the client application requesting the token or if conditional access is enabled in the tenant.

What is an OAuth access token?

An OAuth Access Token is a string that the OAuth client uses to make requests to the resource server. Access tokens do not have to be in any particular format, and in practice, various OAuth servers have chosen many different formats for their access tokens.

What is the maximum lengths of refresh token?

The new maximum lengths are listed below: Authorization codes: 512 characters. Access tokens: 4096 characters. Refresh tokens: 512 characters.

How does Google OAuth work?

You use the client ID and one private key to create a signed JWT and construct an access-token request in the appropriate format. Your application then sends the token request to the Google OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server, which returns an access token. The application uses the token to access a Google API.

Is Google OAuth free?

It is not free.

How long do Google OAuth refresh tokens last?

How long should a bearer token last?

Renew tokens A valid bearer token (with active access_token or refresh_token properties) keeps the user’s authentication alive without requiring him or her to re-enter their credentials frequently. The access_token can be used for as long as it’s active, which is up to one hour after login or renewal.