How do you judge a poem?

How do you judge a poem?


  1. Relevance to the theme – 50%
  2. Creativity/Style and Originality – 30%
  3. Coherence of form and structure (harmony of words, presentation) – 10%
  4. Clarity of imagery and language – 10% TOTAL – 100%

What is the poem mothers about?

‘the mother’ by Gwendolyn Brooks is an emotional poem that conveys the thoughts of a woman who has had abortions and regrets them. Throughout the lines of ‘the mother,’ the speaker remembers her past experiences and the children that she’s now never going to actually “get”.

What should one avoid in judging poetry?

So poetry must eschew the inflexible; we must avoid the posture. And that’s very hard. In judging a competition one comes across the Wordsworth-posture, the Ginsberg-posture, alongside those of Betjeman, Hughes, Plath, Duffy . . . But we also posture like mad in ‘real life’.

How do you make a good poem?

11 Rules for Writing Good Poetry

  1. Read a lot of poetry. If you want to write poetry, start by reading poetry.
  2. Listen to live poetry recitations.
  3. Start small.
  4. Don’t obsess over your first line.
  5. Embrace tools.
  6. Enhance the poetic form with literary devices.
  7. Try telling a story with your poem.
  8. Express big ideas.

Who wrote the mother poem?

Gwendolyn Brooks
Gwendolyn Brooks is one of the most highly regarded, influential, and widely read poets of 20th-century American poetry. She was a much-honored poet, even in her lifetime, with the distinction of being the first Black author to win the Pulitzer Prize.

What is the form of the mother poem?

Free Verse, with Some Rhymed Couplets “the mother,” however, is written in free verse. It has no prescribed form, and no regular meter, and its lines vary in length pretty drastically. It rhymes sometimes, but not always. The poem is not guided by form; it’s more of an emotional rollercoaster.

How do you judge a contest?

Before beginning the judging process, each judge should read and familiarize themselves with the Official Rules that govern the contest. Judges should judge each entry on its own merit. Entries should not be compared to one another. During the judging process, frequent breaks should be taken.

How do you judge a role play?

Examples of criteria for role playing: Clarity of speech; expression of feeling; use of body language; believability of the role; accuracy of the role. They contain specific performance characteristics, often arranged in four levels indicating the degree to which a standard has been met.