What do crown and anchor points get you?

What do crown and anchor points get you?

Members of the Crown & Anchor Society are invited to join us for cruises throughout the year at special savings not offered to the general public. You can participate in members-only events and activities, receive exclusive benefits, and socialize with other Crown & Anchor Society members.

How many cruises do you need to be platinum on Royal Caribbean?

Guests are eligible for Gold membership in the Crown & Anchor Society after one completed cruise. After 30 completed cruise points, they are eligible to become Platinum members.

Do Royal Caribbean cruise points expire?

Any MyCruise® Reward redemption without a booking number, ship and sail date selected will expire 6 months after the points are redeemed. Rewards are nontransferable to another reservation after they are applied.

Do Royal Caribbean crown and anchor points expire?

Glad C&A points don’t expire.

How do you get double crown and anchor points?

The double points offer is exclusive to our most loyal guests, the Crown & Anchor Society members! Members will receive double Cruise Points on bookings made through September 30, 2021 for sailings departing January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.

How do I find out how many Crown and Anchor points I have?

When you sign in to your account, we will automatically display your loyalty points, status, benefits and past cruises on your account Dashboard. If your loyalty information is not listed, add your member number on either the Dashboard screen or within Settings.

How do you get free perks on Royal Caribbean?

After hitting the Pinnacle Club level, you’ll get an additional free cruise every time you accumulate another 350 points. In other words, you’ll get an initial free cruise after hitting 700 points and then additional cruises at 1,050 points, 1,400 points, 1,750 points, etc.

Do suites get double points on Royal Caribbean?

Every category of cabin on Royal Caribbean ships is eligible for the promotion. Passengers staying in standard cabins on a Royal Caribbean will earn 2 points per night as part of the promotion instead of 1 point. The earnings for passengers in suites jumps to 4 points per night instead of 2 points.

How long does it take for Crown and Anchor points to post?

about two weeks
Crown & Anchor points take about two weeks from the end of your sailing to post to your account. If you are missing any Crown & Anchor points from one of your previous sailings or have any inquiries regarding your account, please contact us [email protected]