How do I turn off anti theft protection on my BlackBerry?

How do I turn off anti theft protection on my BlackBerry?

From the Home screen, drag down from the top of the screen. Tap Settings, then BlackBerry Protect. Tap the switch to turn off BlackBerry Protect. Enter your BlackBerry ID password, then tap Verify.

How can I delete my BlackBerry ID without password?

Delete your BlackBerry ID account

  1. In the. BBM Enterprise. app, tap > .
  2. Tap. Account. .
  3. Tap. BlackBerry ID. > Forgot Password?
  4. Enter the verification code.
  5. Tap. Delete BlackBerry ID Account. .

How can I reset my BlackBerry Z10 without BlackBerry ID?

1. Turn off your BlackBerry Z10

  1. Turn off your BlackBerry Z10.
  2. Remove your SIM card and SD card from your phone.
  3. Press and hold POWER + VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN buttons for around 20 seconds or until the device turns ON (if not work try to combination Vol Up + Power or Vol down + Power)

How do I enable BlackBerry Protect anti-theft protection?

To enable BlackBerry Protect: Swipe down from the home screen and tap Settings. Tap BlackBerry Protect. Tap the BlackBerry Protect switch to turn the feature on. Enter your BlackBerry ID username and password. To protect your device and your information, when BlackBerry Protect Anti-theft Protection is enabled, the following applies:

How do I update the firmware on a stolen BlackBerry device?

Go to Settings and enter a valid Blackberry ID and password to reclaim ownership of the device. You may now Update your firmware from the version used to bypass anti-theft to the latest 10.3.2 without any issues. Firmware upgrade can be done on the device with Wifi, via PC with Blackberry Link or download the latest Autoloader Warning..!

Should I upgrade to 10 3 2 if anti theft protection?

Don’t Upgrade you Device to 10.3.2 if Anti-theft protection is on Click to expand… If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations.

Why do I need to confirm my BlackBerry ID?

Confirming your BlackBerry ID provides an additional layer of security by acknowledging that you are the owner of the email you’ve used as your BlackBerry ID Username and will allow you to easily reset your password in future. Please confirm your BlackBerry ID if you’ve not already done so.