How do I get better at AP lit?

How do I get better at AP lit?

AP® English Literature Test-Taking StrategiesKnow the Material. Annotate AP® English Literature Passages. Accept the Best Possible Answer. Guess. Know These Works. Read the Passage, Read the Questions, then Read the Passage Again. Compose Effective Essays. Have a Set of Go-To Literary Novels for AP® English Lit.

How do you master multiple choice exams?

How to Master Multiple Choice ExamsRead the question carefully. Always pay close attention when you’re reading the question and answer choices. Eliminate wrong answers. Read all the answer options carefully. Prioritize the questions. Use logic. Educated guesses. Bubble your scantron as you go.

Why do I get bad grades even when I study?

Originally Answered: How can I overcome the studying, I study a lot, but get very bad grades? This probably means your study habit or style isn’t working for you. Besides, it’s not “studying a lot” that usually leads to good grades, it’s “studying smart”. You should try to see what study habits work for you.