Where is MWCS 48?

Where is MWCS 48?

Naval Station Great Lakes
As part of Marine Air Control Group 48, MWCS-48 provides expeditionary communications for the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, the Aviation Combat Element of Marine Forces Reserve. They are based at Naval Station Great Lakes and fall under the command of Marine Air Control Group 48 and the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing.

Are there Marines at Great Lakes?

Naval Station Great Lakes: Your Navy in the Midwest NSGL supports over 50 tenant commands and elements as well as over 20,000 Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, and DoD civilians who live and work on the installation.

Where is the 4th Marine Air Wing?

New Orleans, Louisiana
The 4th Marine Aircraft Wing is the reserve airwing of the United States Marine Corps….

4th Marine Aircraft Wing
Role Conduct air operations in support of the Fleet Marine Forces
Part of Marine Forces Reserve
Garrison/HQ New Orleans, Louisiana

Is there a Navy base on the Great Lakes?

Naval Station Great Lakes (NAVSTA Great Lakes) is the home of the United States Navy’s only boot camp, located near North Chicago, in Lake County, Illinois….

Naval Station Great Lakes
U.S. Historic district
Great Lakes Building 1
Nearest city Waukegan, Illinois, U.S.
Area 193.2 acres (78.2 ha)

Are Marines stationed at Great Lakes Naval base?

Great Lakes is best known for Recruit Training Command and Navy boot camp, but also Training Support Center Great Lakes (which specializes in Navy Surface Warfare), Navy Recruiting District Chicago, and also (but not limited to): Marine Corps Recruiting District Area 9.

What do Marines call a water fountain?

Scuttlebutt is a water fountain, and it is also what rumors are called in the Navy and Marine Corps. (Scuttlebutt is we move out at 0600)