How big is a jumbo Pekin duck?

How big is a jumbo Pekin duck?

The Jumbo Pekin Duck, a meat type duck, is bred for size primarily and not for show. The Jumbo Pekin is approximately 15-18 percent larger than standard white Pekins, and weigh about 9-13 pounds. Orders of 2-9 ducklings ship after April 1.

Are Jumbo Pekin ducks friendly?

As noted, Pekin ducks, both hens, and drakes are known to be friendly and non-aggressive poultry birds. They sometimes accept being petted by those who are raising them as either a pet or egg bird.

What are jumbo Pekin ducks good for?

The Jumbo Pekin ducklings are from a pure male line. They are probably the largest Pekin you can get. For exhibition they are excellent for Meat Pens but do not have the special conformation necessary for show Pekins. They have been bred for size and meat production, not the specialized standards of show Pekins.

How do I know if I have a jumbo Pekin?

Once they reach three weeks, you will begin to notice that they are developing a fatty lobe between their legs and just have a very fat looking appearance. Unlike true Pekin ducks, Jumbo Pekins have massive features, large breasts and abdomens and are 30% larger than a true Pekin.

How much are Pekin ducks worth?

Quantity Pricing

Quantity Price
1 – 5 $4.80
6 – 14 $4.66
15 – 29 $4.51
30+ $4.37

How do Pekin ducks breed?

Ducks are most likely to breed in early spring, sometime between February and May depending upon where you live. Provide your hen with a nesting area. Pekins will lay their eggs anywhere, but a well-designed nesting box will encourage them to lay eggs in the box.

Why is my white duck turning yellow?

Too much corn in the chicken feed can also cause feathers to yellow. If you do mix crack corn with your feed, and you notice yellowing, you might consider cutting back or eliminating it all together. There are other foods that can also cause yellowing.