What is a featured content slider?

What is a featured content slider?

Featured content sliders are moving image displays you can add to pages. They can help entice visitors to other sections of your site.

How do I add a featured image to a slider in WordPress?

To add a featured image slider in WordPress, you’ll need to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Install and activate Soliloquy slider plugin.
  2. Install and activate Featured Content addon.
  3. Create an external image slider in Soliloquy.
  4. Select the custom post type as WordPress posts.
  5. Display the featured image slider in WordPress.

What are slider images?

An image slider (or carousel) is a popular webpage feature – especially on homepages. A slider is basically a slideshow of images, text, and/or videos that may either automatically scroll or allow visitors to scroll through the content.

What are sliding pictures on a website called?

A website slideshow, also known as a “slider,” is a web page feature for presenting multiple images in a gallery-like manner. A slider displays one image at a time, and cycles between images automatically after a timeout and/or after a user input, such as a swipe or a button click.

What is featured content in WordPress?

Featured Content lets you choose specific posts to highlight in a special way. In some themes, you can include pages or portfolio projects in a Featured Content area, alongside posts. One common way of displaying Featured Content in a theme is in a slider, like the Dyad or Dara themes.

What is a featured slider WordPress theme?

“WP Featured Content and Slider” is a clean and easy-to-use features showcase management system for WordPress. Display Featured Content/Featured services, features your product, company or services offers, and display them via a shortcode OR template code.

What is a dynamic image slider?

The dynamic image slider skin allows you to add titles and descriptions to both thumbnails and Lightbox items. It also grants you with lots of setting options including gallery and thumbnail size, performance customization and security related options.