Does NRA offer lifetime membership?

Does NRA offer lifetime membership?

NRA Life Membership As a life member, you’ll not only enjoy regular NRA membership benefits for the rest of your life, but you’ll receive an exclusive Life Member credentials package including a membership card, certificate, shooter’s patch, lapel pin and decals—all attesting to your new NRA leadership role.

How much does it cost for a lifetime membership in the NRA?

NRA Raises Membership Dues

Membership tier Previous price New price
Two-year $60 $70
Three-year $85 $100
Five-year $140 $150
Lifetime $1,500 $1,500

Is a lifetime NRA membership transferable?

Contributions, gifts, or membership dues made or paid to the National Rifle Association of America are not refundable or transferable and are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.

What is NRA endowment life membership?

Endowment, Patron and Benefactor members are eligible to vote in NRA elections, receive special recognition at NRA events, and are sent credentials including a certificate suitable for framing, a lapel pin, a decal, a patch, and a new membership card so you can proudly display your membership status.

Can you cancel an NRA lifetime membership?

Cancel my membership to the National Rifle Association (NRA) of America as soon as humanly possible. The letter must explain why you wish to leave the organization and you must sign it. The next step is that someone from the NRA will call you, presumably to try to change your mind.

How many members are in the NRA?

National Rifle Association

Founded November 17, 1871
Area served United States
Services Lobbying Membership organization Magazine publisher Education/certification
Method Lobbying Publications Outreach programs
Members Approximately 5.5 million (self-reported)

What are the different levels of NRA life membership?

There is the basic membership, and then there are four life membership levels (life, endowment, patron, and benefactor).