Does Gohan beat Videl?

Does Gohan beat Videl?

Videl gets up miraculously, and lunges at him, but he punches her in the face. He then kicks her in the air and she lands on his knee. Videl’s head being crushed by Spopovich Gohan watches the match is disgust and horror. The battle is very one-sided, and it seems as though Spopovich might even kill her.

Who beats Videl?

Videl later enters the 25th Tenka’ichi Budokai martial arts tournament, but is brutally beaten to near-death by a magically-empowered man named Spopovitch in a slanted match, enraging Gohan and sparking a chain of events which leads to the revival of the ancient primordial creature Majin Buu.

Why did Videl stop fighting?

One, she’s probably just tired of the fighting. It didn’t exactly end well for her during the last martial arts tournament during the fight against Spopovich. This proved that unless she has the amount of power needed, she simply doesn’t stand a chance in the grand scheme of things.

What if Videl beat Spopovich?

If Spopovich killed Videl, Gohan would’ve flat out murdered him on the spot. Gohan already has fury within him for Spopovich harming Videl as much as he did, so her death would be the rage breaking point that would force Gohan to act solely on murderous impulse.

Did Videl fight Broly?

Videl is then confronted by Broly in his regular Super Saiyan form. While Broly and Videl confront each other, Goten and Trunks see what is happening, and try to convince Broly to stop.

Why is Videl hair yellow?

Super Saiyan Videl | Fandom. So, apparently in Dragon Ball Super Episode 9, Videl’s hair turned blonde in a Super Saiyan God ritual.

Can Videl go super?

Videl didn’t really go Super Saiyan. She passed her energy to Goku in order for him to become a SSG, but that doesn’t mean she automatically gained that ability.