How does a film tax credit work?

How does a film tax credit work?

A refundable tax credit is a refund the produc- tion company receives from the state after paying its income taxes in that state. Producers are eligible to receive these refundable credits even if they have no state income tax liability, which is often the case for production com- panies making one-off films.

How is CPTC calculated?

The CRA allows them to take the CPTC on labour costs up to 60% of that budget, or $180,000. If they spend $150,000 on labour, you can calculate the credit using that amount. To figure it out, simply take 25% of $150,000 to get a CPTC of $37,500.

Are film tax credits refundable?

Refundable. Applies only to tax credits. If a film credit is refundable, it means the production does not need to have actual state tax liability for the “credit” to be issued. When a tax credit is refundable, it acts more like a rebate, although a state tax return must be filed before the refund is issued.

How much can you sell tax credits for?

For the buyers to benefit from the transaction, the tax credits have to be sold for less than their full value. Prices vary, but brokers say that it’s typical for sellers to get 85 or 90 cents on the dollar.

How much is CPTC?

The CPTC is 25% of the qualified labour expenditures for an eligible production. The qualified labour expenditures may not exceed 60% of the cost of production minus assistance.

Are film grants taxable?

Grants are generally given to production companies before production starts. Unlike tax credits, grants require no tax liability, so they are easy to use for productions coming from outside the state to shoot on a temporary basis. A check issued outright to the production company by the state, city or local government.

When was film tax relief introduced?

The film tax relief was introduced in January 2007 to promote the sustainable production of British films. This summary of the take-up, cost and delivery of the relief covers the whole period of operation up to the end of 2013 to 2014.

What is a transferable tax credit?

What are transferable credits? Many states offer credits that can be transferred or sold to other taxpayers. These credits can then be used by the purchasing taxpayer (“transferee”) to offset its current or future tax liability.