Will there be another swan princess movie?

Will there be another swan princess movie?

The Swan Princess is an animated film series that began with the 1994 film The Swan Princess….Films.

Film The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding
U.S. release date August 4, 2020
Director Richard Rich
Screenwriter Brian Nissen
Story by Richard Rich & Brian Nissen

What is the second swan princess?

The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain, alternatively known as The Swan Princess and the Secret of the Castle in European territories, is a 1997 American animated musical-fantasy film and the first direct-to-video sequel to the 1994 animated film The Swan Princess.

Who sings for Odette in The Swan Princess?

Liz Callaway
Liz Callaway Reflects on The Swan Princess on 25th Anniversary of Animated Film | Playbill. Tony nominee Callaway provided the singing voice for Princess Odette.

What is Princess Odette turned into?

a swan
Overcome with fear, she turns and runs in the hope of escaping his evil power. However, she is not quick enough, and Von Rothbart casts a spell on Odette, transforming her into a swan.

Will there be a swan princess 11?

The Swan Princess: A Treasure of the Power Crystals is the eleventh movie in The Swan Princess film series. The producers of the series referred to it as “Swan 11”. It is currently in production.

How did Swan Princess end?

Derek and Odette get married and they, along with Rogers, Bromley, Uberta, King William’s servants, and the animals move into Rothbart’s former castle.

Who is the villain in The Swan Princess?

Rothbart, Clavius, and Zelda are the villains of the movies. All the villains have evil thoughts such as Rothbart, Clavius, Zelda, Mangler and The Forbidden Arts (Evil Force) along with The Boggs, Antonio, Nicollo and Fang. In the first and 4th movies, Rothbart was an evil enchanter.