Why Students Often Use Writing Services for Persuasive Essays

If you are not experienced in writing essays, it can be hard to create competent works for some students at schools and universities, especially the ones that require a deep knowledge of the subject, as a persuasive essay. Therefore, they seek help from hired writers to keep up with the assignments they receive. But how often do students use such services? Read this article to find out.

The common struggles

Before delving into the statistics of how many students are prone to use the help of persuasive essay writing services, it is important to note the most common problems that occur while writing one yourself. These include:

  • Choosing a topic that has enough potential for creating a persuasive essay;
  • Making your opinion on the topic clear. This includes writing why your view is significant and what can be changed to support it;
  • Finding the sources that explore multiple points of view instead of supporting only one;
  • Respecting opinions that are the opposite of yours, as it will give your work more credibility.

While faced with these difficulties, a small number of students will not even try to write the essay themselves 100 per cent of the time.

Skipping school

Writing any paper at school, a persuasive essay included, requires the students to attend classes to be caught up on all the intricacies of it. Although nobody can be sure that they will not ill or experience some other misfortune, it can still happen. Furthermore, a study carried out in schools in the USA found that the national average of students who skip school chronically is 13 per cent. As they cannot possibly get the same amount of information that the students who do attend the school get, they often turn to writing services as they do not see any other way to catch up.

Family trouble

Working on an essay requires a clear mind. However, it is hard to concentrate on a task when faced with domestic problems. They can vary from a tough financial situation to a loss of a loved one or even an argument between one’s parents. As hard as it may be to accept it, nearly 50 per cent of children in North America will see their parents divorce. While coping with such an event, students might often disregard the importance of their work and seek help from a professional writer instead.

Bad memory

Although it might be disregarded as an excuse, some teenagers may truly forget about their deadlines. Aside from plain lack of attention, there are some factors that can contribute to a poor memory from a young age, such as:

  • Prescribed and over-the-counter medications;
  • Abuse of alcohol;
  • Head trauma;
  • Anxiety or stress;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Illness.

These factors may not be too frequent when looked at separately, but they do add up to a pretty big percentage of young people, who forget about their essays quite frequently and must use a writing service to turn in their work when it is due.

Lagging behind

Sometimes a good hard-working student might have troubles with the essay because he just could not get the material, no matter how hard he’s tried. They then feel like handing the writing of the paper to someone else because they need some time to catch up on everything the did not understand or because they fear to look like a fool in front of the teacher/professor while asking about the material everybody else seemed to get the first time around. Although this scenario seems incredibly specific, it is, unfortunately, not a rare occurrence, especially if you take into account that 30-50 per cent of people are introverted, which makes such a social confrontation even harder for them to go through.

Having no choice

In our day and age, writing services are getting more accessible and cheaper with time. Because of this, students use them more and more frequently, with the number being as high as 20000, with a third of them being in high-class universities from around the world. As a result, the students who do write their essays themselves are finding it hard to compete with the ones written by professionals, and feel obliged to hire a writer themselves to have a chance, which creates a loop and keeps the writing services profitable.