Why is my freezer saying high temperature?

Why is my freezer saying high temperature?

The high temperature alarm or the red light indicator will be on when your freezer is connected to the mains for the first time. This means that the temperature inside your appliance is still too warm. Keep your freezer door closed and the light will go out in a few hours.

What does the red light mean on my Hotpoint freezer?

Red High Temperature Warning Light The red temperature warning light will come on when the freezer is first switched on or when the temperature inside the compartment rises above the correct storage temperature.

Is there a reset button on a Hotpoint fridge freezer?

Hold the dial with a pair of pliers and just pull it off and you will see the shaft has snapped. Then turn the fridge dial to the 12 oclock position so its set fine and then pull the fridge dial off. Swap them over and fit the fridge dial to the freezer side and then you can reset it as it will then turn it off.

What number should my Hotpoint fridge be?

With the Hotpoint fridge, temperature settings 1 to 5 are the warm end for this dial type, with 5 being the default setting or midrange temperature, 9 is the coldest, but 0 is off. If the internal thermostat is working correctly, then the 5 should be the ideal temperature for fresh food storage.

How do you fix a high temperature on a freezer?

These repairs may help solve your freestanding freezer problem

  1. Replace the freezer start relay and overload.
  2. Replace the freezer electronic control board.
  3. Replace the freezer control panel.
  4. Replace the freezer defrost bi-metal.
  5. Replace the freezer thermistor.
  6. Replace the freezer evaporator fan.

Should the green light be on my freezer?

Green = Run. The green run light indicates the compressor is running. If the indicator is dark it does not mean the unit is off. The compressor only runs when the compartment temperature is too high.

Why is my Hotpoint freezer beeping?

Check the freezer: If your fridge does not have an auto-defrost function then excessive ice-build up in the freezer can cause the beeping alarm. If you see a lot of ice build-up in the icebox or freezer, switch off the fridge and let the ice thaw. Once the fridge is thawed, the beeping should stop.

Why is my Hotpoint fridge freezer not getting cold?

Common Reasons Why Your Hotpoint Freezer No Longer Freezes Dirty condenser coils. Frosted over coils. Main control board malfunction. A defective temperature control thermostat.

Why is my Hotpoint fridge warm?

If the evaporator coils are frosted over, the refrigerator will work harder to remove heat. As a result, the refrigerator may be too warm. If the defrost thermostat and defrost heater are working properly, the defrost control board is likely defective and will need to be replace…

What temperature should my Hotpoint freezer be set at?

What should my Hotpoint freezer temperature be? To conform to DEFRA (The Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) guidelines, our freezers are pre set to operate between -18 and -26 degrees.