Why does Judy Brady repeat I want a wife?

Why does Judy Brady repeat I want a wife?

The effect of Judy Brady repeating the sentence I want a wife is that she emphasizes how many men want a wife that will follow what they expect them to do. Brady utilizes the fact that she is a women to make fun of all the unrealistic things men expect their wives to do.

Why do I want a wife theme?

Exigence: Judy Brady writes in her essay about the demands that are required from wife. She emphasizes the point that the roles of wife are unfair to the role of husband, and that there is an obvious difference, inequality, between the roles of husband and wife.

Why do I want a wife satire?

Her satire is formed from a satirical tone, irony, hyperbole, and condescending tone. Hyperbole: “I want a wife who will care for me when I am sick and sympathize with my pain and loss of time from school.” Judy Brady’s purpose of the essay, “I Want a Wife”, is to show women how men think, act, and feel.

How do you explain the fact that Brady never uses the pronoun she to refer to a wife?

Brady never uses the personal pronouns he or she to refer to the wife she defines. The “wife” she defines is not an actual person but a concept. The “wife” in her essay is a representation of the role that women are traditionally expected to fit into in a marriage.

Under what circumstances does Brady say she would consider leaving her wife?

Brady says that she would consider leaving her wife if she found a different woman “more suitable as a wife” than the one she has; she would leave her first wife solely responsible for the children.

What complaints does Brady apparently have about the life she actually leads to what does she seem to attribute her problems?

To what does she seem to attribute to her problems? A: She complains that he life as a wife is too controlling, as if she does not have many freedoms and her life revolves around her family and her husband. She does not have the opportunity to keep a job if she wanted to after her husband lands a job after schooling.

What is the tone in I want a wife?

The tone in the essay is casual, humorous, sarcastic, and sometimes ironic. The author lists multiple jobs which a wife does and is expected by many to do in many instances.

What is the thesis of I want a wife?

A thesis statement, for example, might read: Judy Syfer’s essay “I Want a Wife” exaggerates the marital expectations facing women in our society today. The following sentence could continue: Those expectations include managing a household, maintaining a career, and having a good relationship with a spouse.

What is the purpose of the writer in defining the concept in why I want a wife?

Judy Brady’s purpose of the essay, “I Want a Wife”, is to show women how men think, act, and feel. She being a feminist wants to show how men truly think of woman, that when they get what they want men set women aside for bigger and better things.

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