Why did Mark Twain write advice to youth?

Why did Mark Twain write advice to youth?

Twain was asked to write something to the youth of America, which he saw as an opportunity to criticize society’s conventional teachings and authority figures. This essay is an example of Juvenalian satire, where his sarcasm is targeted towards these authorities.

What is Twain advice to youth about lying?

Twain instructs the youth to avoid violence by actually enforcing it upon someone, and then regretting it and apologizing for acting in such an uncivil way. Lying is bad according to Twain because you will nearly always get caught (especially if you are not good at lying).

When did Mark Twain write advice to youth?


How does Mark Twain use humor?

Twain would use his humor to cover up people’s anger over certain issues that were affecting them. But probably the most striking thing about Twain – and a measure of his genius – was his ability to write humorously about issues that made him seethe with anger.