Who was the best college football team in 2004?

Who was the best college football team in 2004?

AP Poll

Preseason Aug 19 Week 2 Sept 12
1. USC (48) USC (2–0) (52)
2. Oklahoma (11) Oklahoma (2–0) (10)
3. Georgia (5) Georgia (2–0) (3)
4. LSU (1) Miami (FL) (1–0)

Who won the college football in 2004?

USC defeated Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl by a score of 55–19, which earned the Trojans their second consecutive AP title and first-ever BCS title.

Who won the college football championship in 2003?

Louisiana State
2003 NCAA Division I-A football season

2003 NCAA Division I-A season
Site Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Champion(s) Louisiana State
Division I-A football seasons
← 2002 2004 →

Who was the best college football team in 2005?

AP Poll

1. USC (60) 1.
2. Texas (4) 2.
3. Tennessee (13) 3.
4. Michigan 4.

What year did Auburn go undefeated?

The 2004 Auburn Tigers football team represented Auburn University in the 2004 NCAA Division I-A football season. Auburn compiled a record of 13–0, winning the Southeastern Conference championship and finishing the season ranked #2 in both the AP Poll and the Coaches’ Poll.

Did USC win the national championship in 2004?

The 2004 Trojans football team won the 2004 BCS National Championship by winning the 2005 Orange Bowl, that year’s BCS National Championship Game….2004 USC Trojans football team.

2004 USC Trojans football
2004 record 11–0, 2 wins vacated (7–0 Pac-10, 1 win vacated)
Head coach Pete Carroll (4th season)

Who did USC beat in the 2004 national championship?

The 2004 season ended with the Trojans thumping second-ranked Oklahoma 55-19 in one of the most lopsided bowl games of all time. In a nutshell, along with all the sanctions USC has received, they have now lost the 2005 Heisman Trophy and the 2004 BCS title.

Why did USC lose their title?

USC was punished by the NCAA in 2010 for providing improper benefits for Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush. In addition to postseason bans and scholarship restrictions, the team was forced to vacate its 2004 national championship as well as its 12 wins in 2005.

Did USC get a national championship taken away?

As a result of sanctions issued by both USC and the NCAA, the Trojan athletic program received some of the harshest penalties ever meted out to a Division 1 program. The football team was forced to vacate the final two wins of its 2004 national championship season, as well as all of its wins in 2005.

Who won the 2002 college football championship?

the Buckeyes
After two overtime periods, the Buckeyes emerged victorious, winning the game 31-24. The Ohio State University Football Team was then crowned the undisputed national champion, earning Tressel a national championship in only his second year as the Buckeyes’ head coach.