Who played Thor on Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Who played Thor on Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Deron Michael McBee
Deron Michael McBee (born August 23, 1960) is an American actor and sportsman, known for playing Motaro in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and as Malibu on American Gladiators….Filmography.

Year 2001
Film Curb Your Enthusiasm
Role Thor
Notes Episode 2, season 2; “Thor”

Who is the wrestler Thor?

Scott Irwin
Ring name(s) Scott Irwin The Super Destroyer Super Destroyer #2 Thor the Viking Lumberjack Eric
Trained by Verne Gagne
Debut March 13, 1976

What wrestler was on Curb Your Enthusiasm?

wrestler Thor Olson
Larry seeks revenge on pro wrestler Thor Olson, who he believes slashed his tire after an incident.

What happened to Malibu from American Gladiators?

Malibu’s injury allowed for the appearance of alternate Gladiator Bronco to fill in for the last Human Cannonball swing. Although he did return to complete the first half of Season One, Malibu did not return for the second half and was replaced in the competition by Laser.

Who were the Super Destroyers in Wccw?

The Super Destroyers were a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Doug Stahl and A.J. Petrucci under black masks. They both currently perform on Independent circuit and they are best known for their stint in ECW (before the split from NWA) where they were the first-ever and longest reigning tag team champions.

How old is the actress Cheryl Hines?

56 years (September 21, 1965)Cheryl Hines / Age

Who was Gemini on American Gladiators?

Michael Horton
Michael Horton was one of the six original gladiators. He was known as Gemini, apparently fitting because of his split personality: calm one second, aggressive the next. “It was a hot show,” said Wes, who was born a year into the show.

Where is Gemini American Gladiators?

Gemini remained on American Gladiators through the third season and the live tour, leaving only after a dispute over merchandising royalties. Following his run on AG, he had a small role playing a security guard in the 1998 film ‘A Night At The Roxbury’.

Is Larry Davis married?

He and Jerry Seinfeld created the television sitcom Seinfeld, on which David was head writer and executive producer for the first seven seasons….

Larry David
Spouse Laurie David ​ ​ ( m. 1993; div. 2007)​ Ashley Underwood ​ ( m. 2020)​
Children 2; including Cazzie David