Who owns WV news?

Who owns WV news?

Today, under the leadership of Owner/President Brian M. Jarvis, the company has gone through many expansions and is now the fastest growing media company in West Virginia with many print and digital publications supporting the state.

What radio station is WV Metro News?

Talkline Broadcast Affiliates

WAJR-AM 1440 Morgantown
WAJR-FM 103.3 Clarksburg
WCHS-AM 580 Charleston
WCHS-FM 96.5 Charleston
WCMD-AM 1230 Cumberland, MD

What radio station is West Virginia?

Charleston, WV

WCHS Network WCHS-AM 580 AM 96.5 FM 104.5 FM
Charleston’s Business Radio WKAZ-AM 680 AM 95.3 FM
107.3 KAZ WKAZ-FM 107.3 FM
96.1 KWS WKWS-FM 96.1 FM

What is the oldest county in WV?

Hampshire County
As of 2019, the US Census population was estimated at 23,175. Its county seat is Romney, West Virginia’s oldest town (1762). Hampshire County was created by the Virginia General Assembly on December 13, 1753, from parts of Frederick and Augusta counties (Virginia) and is the oldest county in the state of West Virginia.

Which WV county is farthest north?

The county was created from Brooke County in 1848 and named for John Hancock, first signer of the Declaration of Independence. Hancock County is the northernmost point in both West Virginia and, by some definitions, the Southern United States; being at the tip of the state’s Northern Panhandle.

What is the richest county in West Virginia?

West Virginia counties ranked by per capita income

Rank County Per capita income
1 Jefferson $30,912
2 Putnam $29,412
United States $28,930
3 Kanawha $27,642

Which West Virginia county was last?

Wirt County has the smallest population (5,194 in 2020). The oldest county is Hampshire, established in 1754, and the newest is Mingo, established in 1895.

Why is West Virginia shaped funny?

Its unusual configuration is the result of the Revolutionary-era claims of Virginia’s former Yohogania County boundary lying along the Ohio River, conflicting with interpretations of the Colony of Pennsylvania’s royal charter.

How narrow is West Virginia?

Anyone looking at a West Virginia map would immediately notice its northern panhandle. It rose high above the rest of the state like a flagpole. This narrow splinter ran 64 miles (103 kilometres) due north, wedged tightly between Ohio and Pennsylvania. Its width also narrowed sometimes to only 4 miles (6 km).