Who owns KiwiRail NZ?

Who owns KiwiRail NZ?

KiwiRail Holdings Limited
KiwiRail Holdings Limited is a New Zealand state-owned enterprise responsible for rail operations in New Zealand, and operates inter-island ferries. Trading as KiwiRail and headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, KiwiRail is the largest rail transport operator in New Zealand.

Is KiwiRail a monopoly?

As argued in this chapter, New Zealand rail (as a whole) is uneconomic relative to its competition; therefore there is no natural monopoly. Under its agreement with Toll NZ, the government committed to spending NZD200 million on network upgrades and renewal.

Why does NZ have narrow gauge railway?

New Zealand adopted narrow gauge 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm) gauge due to the need to cross mountainous terrain in the country’s interior. This terrain has necessitated a number of complicated engineering feats, notably the Raurimu Spiral. There are 1787 bridges and 150 tunnels in less than 4,000 km of track.

When did Auckland get electric trains?

25 October 2019. The first of 15 new electric trains has arrived in Auckland. It will be tested before rolling out into service later this year. The rest are due to arrive in 2020.

Who owns NZ rail lines?

The railway network in New Zealand consists of four main lines, six secondary lines and numerous short branch lines in almost every region. It links all major urban centres except Nelson, Taupo, Queenstown, Whakatane and (since 2012) Gisborne. The network is owned and managed by KiwiRail.

Who sold NZ Railways?

The government sold New Zealand Rail in 1993 for $328 million to a consortium in which the US company Wisconsin Central was the leading shareholder. From 1996 the New Zealand subsidiary, known as Tranz Rail, was listed on the New Zealand and NASDAQ stock exchanges.

Who Built New Zealand railways?

New Zealand’s first public railway was opened in that year, running the short distance between Christchurch and the wharf at Ferrymead and built by the Canterbury Provincial Railways. The Canterbury Provincial Railways were built to the broad gauge of 5 ft 3 in (1,600 mm).

Are trains electric NZ?

Railway electrification in New Zealand consists of three separate electric systems, all in the North Island. Electrification was initially adopted by the New Zealand Railways for long tunnels; the Otira Tunnel, the Lyttelton Rail Tunnel and the two Tawa Tunnels of the Tawa Flat Deviation.

Are Wellington trains electric?

KiwiRail freight trains use diesel locomotives in Wellington, switch to electric units at Palmerston North, then back to diesel in Hamilton. That’s because 1980s electrification of the main trunk line was never finished. KiwiRail decided two years ago to replace its electric engines with diesel.

Which government sold NZ Railways?

1993 – Government announces sale of NZR to a consortium of Wisconsin Central Transportation Corp and Berkshire Partners (60 per cent stake) and Fay Richwhite (40 per cent) for $328.3m. 1995 – Company re-named Tranz Rail.

Who owns Auckland rail?

Auckland’s rail network is owned and maintained by KiwiRail, while Auckland Transport owns the trains and train stations and is responsible for providing public transport services. There are 42 stations across the southern, eastern, western and Onehunga lines, and almost 4000 train services a week.