Who owns JP Australia?

Who owns JP Australia?

Jason Polakow
Jason Polakow (born 10 November 1971 in Torquay, Victoria) is an Australian professional windsurfer from Victoria. He founded the watersports company JP Australia and was the first windsurfer to ride big wave of Nazare, in Portugal.

Who is JP Australia?

The brand name stands for Jason Polakow (“JP”) from Australia. The No. 1 big wave sailor in the world and two times Wave World Champion is a legend in the sport of windsurfing. Jason’s impressive power and speed in wave sailing influenced the riding style for decades with major effects on today’s wave board shapes.

Can surfboard be used as paddle board?

This could make you assume that you could use your surfboard for stand-up paddling. However, this is, in most cases, not true. Surfboards do not make good stand-up paddleboards for a few reasons, but the biggest is their size, volume (which plays a role in buoyancy), the fins used, and the board’s agility mechanisms.

Are WindSUP any good?

The WindSUP is also the ideal board for families because they are durable, easy to transport (especially inflatable WindSUPs) and long-lasting. If you want to get into water sports this summer without buying specialist equipment, a WindSUP board is the perfect balance to strike.

Can you use a foam surfboard as a SUP?

Can you use a longboard for SUP?

Conclusion. You may be able to SUP on a bigger longboard and if you have solid balance skills. SUP boards will generally be thicker and wider than even a larger surfboard, although wave SUPs can be shorter than a longboard. They also have a different rocker profile, better suited for paddling in and between waves.