Who owns Glory bee honey?

Who owns Glory bee honey?

Pat Turanski
Pat Turanski, Co-Founder, GloryBee“We first started GloryBee after opening a honey stand in our garage in 1975. As beekeepers, we dream of providing natural, healthy ingredients to the marketplace,” Pat shared with me. “Here at GloryBee, we have a vision for a healthy world where bees and people thrive.

Where is the town of GloryBee?

We are a dynamic natural ingredients company based in the lush, green city of Eugene, Oregon (also known as Track Town USA).

Where is Glory bee honey made?

GloryBee’s Artisan Fermented Honey is made in Thailand using traditional fermentation methods to produce a well-rounded flavor that is sweet and tangy.

Is GloryBee real honey?

GloryBee is a honey and natural ingredient company committed to supporting a healthy life for all.

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What is Fairtrade honey?

The Fairtrade seal guarantees the purchaser that the honey is traded at fair prices and under fair conditions. Bee-keeping is an additional source of income for small families on many farms in Latin America and they receive a premium from Fairtrade.

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Is the honey trade good for bees?

Honey is a favourite natural sweetener in many cultures. But the widespread use of pesticides is threatening bee populations, and raising serious concerns around future food security – Small-scale beekeepers – the type who produce Fairtrade honey – can play a key role in helping bees to survive and thrive. …

What honey brands are ethical?

The best ethical honey to buy for bees, the planet, and your health:

  • Equal Exchange Organic Clear Honey.
  • Raw Health Organic Honey.
  • Hilltop Honey.
  • Essential Organic Honey.