Who owns funtasia Drogheda?

Who owns funtasia Drogheda?

In 2003 Bernard McCormick rebranded and redesigned ‘Bettystown Amusements’ into Funtasia Bettystown an entertainment center with three floors of Play Areas, Arcade Games, and Fairground Rides.

Is Funtasia Bettystown still open?

Closed currently, please see website and social media for updates. There is no end of fun to be had at Funtasia Waterpark, Drogheda and Funtasia Bettystown. Discover the thrills and spills galore to be had in Funtasia’s 35,000 sq ft Water Park.

Who owns Funtasia Bettystown?

businessman Bernard McCormick
The beautiful wife of former Westlife star, Bryan McFadden, was in east Meath to officially open the Funtasia Centre. The centre is owned by local businessman Bernard McCormick and is fast becoming the fun capital of the region.

Whats in Funtasia?


  • Waterpark. Play Area. Crazy Golf. Bowling. Arcade.
  • Skyclimb. Royal Palace.
  • Eureka. Convoy.

When did funtasia open?

To our valued customers we are thrilled to announce at long last we will be reopening on a phased basis from Sept 20th 2021.

Do you have to book funtasia?

At Funtasia booking is not required! You can also pay for each activity on a pay as you go basis.

What is the population of Bettystown?

Together with the neighbouring villages of Laytown and Mornington it comprises the census town of Laytown-Bettystown-Mornington with a combined population of 10,889 at the 2011 Census and 11,872 (with Donacarney) at the 2016 Census.

What is there to do in Bettystown?

Essential Bettystown

  • Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club. Golf Courses.
  • Laytown Races. Other Outdoor Activities.
  • Sonairte National Ecology Centre – Nature Trail & River Walk. Hiking Trails.
  • Baltray Fairy Mounds. Mysterious Sites.
  • County Louth Golf Club. Golf Courses.
  • Beaulieu House and Garden.
  • Black Bull Inn.
  • Boyne Viaduct.

Is Tayto Park open in January?

Please note: This extension will include only dates in October, December, March, April, and May that Tayto Park was originally scheduled to be fully open. However, it will not include January – the beginning, of March as we are closed annually at this time.

Is Bettystown a nice place to live?

A commuter town for nearby Dublin, this Co Meath enclave has a whole lot going for it including an outdoor lifestyle, great transport links plus lots and lots to do. A stunning shoreline and proximity to Dublin means that Bettystown is a well-connected and thriving commuter town.

Is Drogheda in Northern Ireland?

In 1412 these two towns were united, and Drogheda became a ‘County Corporate’, styled as ‘the County of the Town of Drogheda’….The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten.

Drogheda Droichead Átha
Country Ireland
Province Leinster
County County Louth and County Meath

Do you have to wear a mask at Tayto Park?

It is compulsory to wear a mask in all queue areas of the park. Children under the age of 13 or any person with any physical or mental illness, impairments or disability are not required to wear them.