Who originally sang No Sugar Tonight?

Who originally sang No Sugar Tonight?

The Guess Who
No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

“No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature”
Single by The Guess Who
Length 4:52 (album version with “New Mother Nature”) 2:04 (single w/o “New Mother Nature”)
Label RCA Victor
Songwriter(s) Burton Cummings Randy Bachman

What movie was the song No Sugar Tonight in?

The OdysseyNo Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature / Movie

How did the guess who get their name?

When the band recorded a cover of the influential British hit “Shakin’ All Over” in 1965, Quality Records producer George Struth released it to radio stations under the moniker “Guess Who?” in the hope that DJs would be more inclined to play a song by a mysterious new British band.

Who wrote no sugar the book?

Jack DavisNo Sugar / Author

What year did no sugar tonight by The Guess who come out?

1970No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature / Released

What movie is the song These Eyes from?

SuperbadThese Eyes / Movie

Who is Randy Bachman married to?

Denise McCannm. 1982–2011
Lorayne Stevensonm. 1966–1977
Randy Bachman/Spouse
With Stevenson, Bachman had six children. His son, Tal Bachman, is a recording artist best known for his 1999 top-20 hit song “She’s So High”. His daughter Lorelei Bachman is also a writer/musician. He then married Denise McCann (from 1982 to 2011), and they had one child.

What was the Guess Who’s first hit?

The band released their first single, “Tribute To Buddy Holly”, on Canadian-American Records in 1962. They then signed with Quality Records and released several singles in 1963–64, which gained some regional notice around Winnipeg but made little impact in the rest of Canada.

Who is Billy Kimberly?

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