Who must belong to the Nbcrfli?

Who must belong to the Nbcrfli?

Employees with less than 5 years continuous service 25% of the normal basic weekly wage. Employees with 5 years continuous service but less than 10 years 28.34% of the normal basic weekly wage. Employees with 10 years and longer continuous service 33.3% of the normal basic weekly wage.

What is a bargaining council?

Bargaining councils are established when employer and employee bodies (unions) in a particular industrial sector and geographical area agree to come together to engage in collective bargaining.

How many bargaining councils are there in South Africa?

How many bargaining councils are there in South Africa? There are currently approximately 55 functioning bargaining councils in the private sector, with a further five (including the overarching one) covering public servants, one in local government, and one for parastatal Transnet.

Is Nbcrfli a medical aid?

Is the NBCRFLI Wellness Fund Health Plan a medical aid? No, the NBCRFLI Wellness Fund Health Plan is not a medical aid. It is the Sick Fund of the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry registered in terms of the Labour Relations Act.

How long does it take for bargaining council to pay out?

Assuming your tax affairs are in order, a pay-out usually takes around 4-8 weeks from that point. If you belong to an industry (bargaining council fund) then there is usually a mandatory waiting period which can be up to six months long.

What is the role of bargaining?

making and enforcing collective agreements. preventing and resolving labour disputes establishing and managing a dispute resolution fund. promoting and establishing training and education schemes.

Do teachers have a bargaining council?

The vision of the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) is to improve the quality of teaching and learning through labour peace. The ELRC is a bargaining council that serves the public education sector nationally and provincially.

How do I contact the bargaining council?

Contact us

  1. Physical Address: Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council. Building B & D.
  2. GPS Co-ordinates: 25°50’11.9″S 28°11’43.4″E.
  3. Tel Int: +27(0)12 644 8100. Tel Local: 012 644 8100.
  4. Contact details per Department: General Secretary: 012 644 8102.
  5. Directions from Johannesburg:
  6. Directions from N1 Pretoria.

What is a statutory council?

Statutory councils may be formed by registered trade unions and employers organisations to manage labour disputes, schemes and funds, education and training, and to make collective agreements.

How does Affinity Health Work?

The Affinity Health Combined Plan provides you with a combination of all the benefits available on the Day-to-Day and Hospital Plans. When taking a combined health cover plan, the benefit amount for the Casualty Room Treatment benefit increases. Your overall premium is also discounted.