Who is WILDCAT from VanossGaming?

Who is WILDCAT from VanossGaming?

Tyler Wine, also known as WILDCAT (formally “I AM WILDCAT”) (born: September 14, 1992 (1992-09-14) [age 29]) is known for his crass humor and creative cursing, his cockily snide remarks demonstrate his intelligence.

Does BasicallyIDoWrk play with Vanoss?

His channel started on September 14, 2011. BasicallyIDoWrk is the second to get a new GMod player model (after VanossGaming). He has a brother and a sister, who have played with him.

Does WILDCAT have a gf?

The YouTuber has been dating Kelly, commonly known as nilkynilk on Instagram. The duo has maintained a private relationship that is free from controversies.

Why did MiniLadd leave the Vanoss crew?

In July 2018, he branched away from being included in videos with VanossGaming, he admitted that he just mainly wanted to be known as a friend of Evan, and to focus on his own ventures in his career.

Are Wildcat and Vanoss friends?

They’re still my friends. I talk to them daily, weekly. I don’t play with Vanoss much anymore but I’m gonna see him in person in like 2 weeks. They’re just YouTube videos.

Does Vanoss know what delirious looks like?

He has never revealed his face in any of his videos, which has led to much speculation among his fanbase. In fact, his face still remains a mystery. Fellow YouTuber and collaborator CaRtOoNz is the only person known to know what he looks like since CaRtOoNz dated Delirious’ sister in the past.

What happened with Ohm and Delirious?

Just recently, gamer YouTube exploded after Ryan Ohmwrecker made allegations against the Vanoss Crew and H20 Delirious in particular. Shortly after those allegations were made, an all-out Twitter brawl broke out between Ohmwrecker and H20 Delirious.

What platform does BasicallyIDoWrk stream on?

BasicallyIDoWrk – Twitch Streamer Profile & Bio – TopTwitchStreamers.

How old is Wildcat DC?

It is revealed then he has nine lives, and has since 1945: hence how he can be over 70 years old, yet an athletic and powerful boxer.

What is IM wildcat name?

Tyler Wine
Tyler Wine (born: September 14, 1992 (1992-09-14) [age 29]), better known online as WILDCAT (formerly I AM WILDCAT), is an American YouTuber and video game commentator from Indiana.

Who is I Am Wildcat?

Having over 2 million subscribers, Wildcat is a popular gamer on YouTube, with an ever growing fanbase. I AM WILDCAT is a known member of Vanoss’ crew; along with H2ODelirious, Mini Ladd, Lui Calibre, Daithi De Nogla, Moo Snuckel, SilentDroidd, Ohmwrecker, BasicallyIDoWrk, and The Terroriser.

How did Wildcat meet Vanoss?

Also like many of the “Crewmates”, WILDCAT was contacted by Vanoss in the comment section of his first video in 2011. Since then, he has created a large circle of YouTuber friends.

What happened to wildcatletsplays?

He has a defunct secondary channel, WILDCATLetsPlays, where he uploaded playthroughs of various games from his childhood. That channel has been inactive since 2014. It was renamed to “WILDCAT as well” in 2018. Also like many of the “Crewmates”, WILDCAT was contacted by Vanoss in the comment section of his first video in 2011.

Who does Wildcat rage at the most?

He, along with Basically, Nogla, Panda, and Fourzer0 are usually the members of the crew to rage the most. Wildcat has a habit of randomly shooting one of his friends in Garry’s Mod, the most frequent being Nogla. Additionally, Nogla has “adopted” this habit of his a few times himself, however he is the main target for most of his friends.